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The Horror of Lighthouse Hill (Shadowers)
Series: Shadowers
Volume: 2
Genre: Horror
ISBN: 1413749801
Pages: 197 pages
Price: 19.95
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 1
The Horror of Lighthouse Hill by Jim Catapano

Description: "You are very much awake, Melody McClean," said the cow. "Though I'm afraid that the
nightmare is just beginning."
Melody McClean, champion monster fighter from the realm known as the Shadowverse, is sent to
Charles Gosgrove’s Inn at Lighthouse Hill, NY, to investigate a ghost sighting and a bizarre
death. Melody soon learns that there are sinister forces at work at the Lighthouse trying to
prevent her from learning its secrets—forces that will destroy her if necessary.
What terrible tragedy lies in the mysterious Cosgrove’s past? What is the hidden agenda of the
fallen Cosmic Power known only as the Dissenter? Why have a dog and a duck gone missing?
And why are giant spiders protecting the portrait of a sad-eyed little girl?
This is the second of a series of adventures featuring Melody McClean and the Shadowers.
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