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Haunted /Grave Doubts (The Mediator)
Series: The Mediator
Volume: 5
Genre: Other
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10
Votes: 11
Haunted /Grave Doubts by Meg Cabot

Description: 'My name is Susannah Simon, and I am a mediator, a liaison between the living and the dead. Yes, this does get in the way of my attempt a normal life. At least I have Jesse, the ghost of a nineteenth-century hottie, haunting my bedroom. But there's also this other guy. A live one, who has the same gift of gab with the undead I have. In the same way after Jesse, this guy is after me. And he knows how to send Jesse to the Great Beyond. For good. So I guess you could say I'm haunted. I just never thought is would be by someone who isn't dead.

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