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Huon of the Horn (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: SF
Pages: 192 pages
Publisher: Fawcett Crest
Price: 1.95
Reader Rating: Not rated
Huon of the Horn by Andre Norton

Description: These are the tales of Huon, Duke of Bordeaux, and of his banishment from Charlemagne's kingdom to fulfill an impossible quest. For Huon, in defending his fallen brother, had killed Charlot, the king's beloved son. And Charlemagne's wrath could not be appeased.

Now Huon, surrounded by his brave and virtuous knights, had set off on this perilous journey-into the bewitched fairy wood ruled by Oberon the elfin king whose magical gifts could save Huon's life. Into the jaws of the deadly giant Angalafar, whose strangely powerful chain mail could keep Huon from harm. And into the arms of Lady Claramonde, whose great love for Huon knew no bounds.
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