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Canyons (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: Horror
Pages: 304 pages
Publisher: tor books
Reader Rating: Not rated
Canyons by P.D. Cacek

Description: -Cacek had me totally enthralled with this witty and very violent
werewolf "romance". C.K. Moselle a tabloid reporter finds herself
in one of her ridiculous stories when she is saved from being shot to death
by drug-up juvenile by a werewolf!After her lycanthrope savior kills her
attacker and flees, C.K. called Cat and her photographer,Ed; they
discover that Denver is the battleground between two competing
werewolf clans and one of them is terroizing Denver with some brutal
murders; and she is the prize! Cacek's gripping horror novel slides from
satirizing the sleazy tabloid business to gothic romance between Cat and
her werewolf lover Lucius to full-blown graphic horror as the author
describes the werewolf attacks in gruesome detail.The dialogue was
especially funny as Cat sees her life become more like one of stories and
she imagines the headlines about it! the characters also were great like
noble Lucius as he tries to fight his attraction to Cat while protecting his
Clan and clearing his name from the brutal murders committed by the rival
werewolves!Ed-Cat's cynical photographer friend a hilarious dirty old
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