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Altered Carbon (Takeshi Kovacs)
Series: Takeshi Kovacs
Volume: 1
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0575073225
Pages: 400 pages
Publisher: Gollancz
Price: £10.99
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 26
Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan

Description: An awe-inspiring vision of a future living on stolen time.

In the 26th century mankind has spread through the galaxy, taking its religions and racial divisions out into the cold arena of space. While tensions exist and small dirty wars flare up every now and then on distant worlds, in the main the UN keeps control with its Envoy shock troops.

Technology has provided what faith only promised; your consciousness can be stored in a cortical stack and routinely downloaded into a new body so even death has become little more than an inconvenience. As long as you can afford a new body...

Ex-UN Envoy Takeshi Kovacs has been killed before, it was a hazard of the job, but his last death was particularly brutal. Needlecast across light years of space, re-sleeved into a body in San Francisco and thrown into the centre of conspiracy that is vicious even by the standards of a society that has forgotten how to value life, he soon realises that the shell that blew a hole in his chest on Harlan’s World was only the beginning of his problems.

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