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The Stones Are Hatching (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0060287659
Pages: 240 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins Juvenile
Price: 15.95
Reader Rating: Not rated
The Stones Are Hatching by Geraldine McCaughrean

Description: After centuries of undisturbed slumber, the Stoor Worm--the World Eater--is
waking. A creature of monstrous proportions and unimaginable evil, the Stoor
Worm must be destroyed. Already its murderous hatchlings are bringing terror
and destruction to every corner of Britain. And an odd trio--a Fool, a Maiden,
and a Horse--is desperately trying to convince one quite ordinary boy that he
alone can save the world.

Drawing upon the centuiries-old lore of Britain's Old Magic, acclaimed novelist
Geraldine McCaughrean has created a bold, original fantasy. Richly textured,
this gripping tale of perilous adventure is filled with unforgettable scenes of
terror, heroism, and treachery in the timeless fight between good and evil.

It was from out at sea that Phelim got his first glimpse of the Stoor Worm:
Alexia pointed it out to him. A mass of land thrust out into the sea, interrupting
the smooth curve of the coast. Within it and behind it, the land was far higher
than round about, and it had a reddish tinge to it. There was no eye, no ear,
no claw, no thorny tail. It was simply a piece of land. How can you be afraid of a
piece of land? Phelim, who had been expecting the fright of his life, felt
absolutely nothing. The Stoor Worm was simply a morsel of legend, untrue. "It
doesn't even look like a dragon," he said, half laughing with relief.

"Well, that is only the snout," Alexia said.

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