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Above The Veil (The Seventh Tower)
Series: The Seventh Tower
Volume: 4
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0439176859
Pages: 248 pages
Publisher: Scholastic
Price: $4.99
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10
Votes: 12
Above The Veil by Garth Nix

Description: Pursued deep into the depths of the Castle, below the seven levels where the Chosen live, below where even the Underfolk dwell, Tal and Milla encounter their old foe, Crow. The rebel Underfolk has the ability to help them save the Dark World way of life, but life in the Castle is not something Crow wishes to preserve...
Desperate, Tal has no choice but to embark on a harrowing adventure with Crow as his partner. The two venture back up one of the seven towers in pursuit of a keystone that they hope will unlock the Castle’s secrets.

Meanwhile, Milla having lost her natural shadow in Aenir feels utterly compelled to give herself to the ice. Accompanied by the free bound Spiritshadow that is her doom, Milla returns to the Icecarls. She must complete her quest. She must warn the Crones of the coming danger.

Then she will meet her fate...

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