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Naomi (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: Horror
ISBN: 0843948574
Pages: 368 pages
Publisher: Dorchester Publishing Company, Incorporated
Price: $5.99
Reader Rating: Not rated
Naomi by Douglas Clegg

Description: The subways of Manhattan are only the first stage of Jake Richmond's descent into the vast subterranean passageways beneath the city - and the discovery of a mystery and a terror greater than any human being could imagine.

Naomi went into the tunnels to destroy herself...but found an even more terrible fate awaiting her in the twisting corridors. And now, the man who loves Naomi must find her...and bring her back to the world of the living, a world where a New York brownstone holds a burial ground of those accused of witchcraft, where the secrets of the living may be found within the ancient diary of a witch, and where a creature known only as the Serpent has escaped its bounds at last.
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