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A Blackbird in Darkness (A Black Bird)
Series: A Black Bird
Volume: 1
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 9780954503697
Publisher: New English Library
Reader Rating: Not rated
A Blackbird in Darkness by Freda Warrington

Description: Three warriors. An epic Quest. They are the world's last hope... All-powerful and terrifying, the Serpent M'gulfn is poised to lay waste to the Earth and its mysterious Planes. Only three have the courage to challenge it: Ashurek, the fell prince of Gorethria, Estarinel from the gentle island of Forluin, and the silent, sinister Medrian. Aided by the denizens of the fabulous Blue Plane, they are sent aboard the mystical ship The Star of Filmoriel back to Earth to seek the Silver Staff - a strange weapon that may prove more dangerous than the Serpent itself. Caught between the machinations of the heartless Grey Ones and the sorcerer-priestess Arlenmia, they cross fantastical landscapes and battle demons. As they forge into the frozen desolate wastes of the Arctic, their Quest to defeat the Serpent becomes ever more perilous and desperate. But the greatest danger of all lies in their midst. A Blackbird in Darkness concludes the breathtaking journey begun in A Blackbird in Silver.

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