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The Free Bards (Bardic Voices)
Series: Bardic Voices
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 067187778X
Pages: 672 pages
Publisher: Pocket Books
Price: $16.00
Reader Rating: 4 out of 10
Votes: 3
The Free Bards by Mercedes Lackey

Description: Rune runs away from her abusive home to become one of her world's greatest violinists, while fellow musician Robin journeys to Skull Hill to recruit a terrible ghost, and Nightingale teams up with a strange beast for her own musical pursuits.

(The first three books of Bardic Voices reprinted under 1 cover)

Also in this series are The Lark and the Wren, The Robin and the Kestrel, The Eagle and the Nightingales, Four and Twenty Blackbirds Return to the Mercedes Lackey page.

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