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Up the Walls of The World (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0399120831
Pages: 319 pages
Publisher: Berkley
Reader Rating: Not rated
Up the Walls of The World by James Tiptree

Description: Three seperate stories, one of a rather crackpot psychic researcher and his government research program, one of an alien world peoples by beings that live high in the atmosphere and never touch the ground (Tiptree uses audio language to descripe light, and visual words to describe these beings psychic vision), and the third of a race of beings who inhabit interstellr space, and an individual that feels driven to abandon the mission the rest of it's race follows, destroying stars. Tragedy strikes all three tales, then brings them all together, for a pretty stunning revelation of what the interstallar race is doing, why, and what role people such as us, and the aerial race (Tyreans) have in that mission. As with most Tiptree work, this story is highly emotional, and the tradgedies of each become redeemed in the end. After a decade of award winning short stories, this was Tiptree's first novel.
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