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Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: Other
ISBN: 1596062118
Pages: 368 pages
Publisher: Subterranean
Price: $35.00
Reader Rating: 3 out of 10
Votes: 1
Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded by John Scalzi

Description: On September 13, 1998, John Scalzi sat down in front of his computer to write the first entry in his blog "Whatever" - and changed the history of the Internet as we know it today.

What, you're not swallowing that one? Okay, fine: He started writing the "Whatever" and amused about 15 people that first day. If that many. But he kept at it, for ten years and running. Now 40,000 people drop by on a daily basis to see what he's got to say.

About what? Well, about whatever: Politics, writing, family, war, popular culture and cats (especially with bacon on them). Sometimes he's funny. Sometimes he's serious (mostly he's sarcastic). Sometimes people agree with him. Sometimes they send him hate mail, which he grades on originality and sends back. Along the way, Scalzi's become a best-selling, award-winning author, a father, and a geek celebrity. But no matter what, there's always another Whatever to amuse and/or enrage his readers.

Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded collects some of the best and most popular Whatever entries over the history of the blog, from some of the very first entries right up into 2008. It's a decade of Whatever, presented in delightfully random form - just the way it should be.
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