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Housemates and Rivals (Housemates)
Series: Housemates
Volume: 2
Genre: Other
Publisher: 978-0-9818857-5-9
Price: 2.49
Reader Rating: Not rated
Housemates and Rivals by Bridy McAvoy

Description: This is the sequel to Housemates and Friends.
The three friends, close friends through college, are being blackmailedinto posing for their photographer landlord.
Only it's not exactly catalogue modeling.
As Phil introduces other people and other places into the modeling it'ssuddenly a lot more stressful for the three girls.
They are well on the way down the slippery slope into his sleazy worldand the slope is getting steeper and ever more slippery.
The pace is picking up, so with everything he is making them do willthey be able to stay friends; now that they are becoming rivals.
But that rivalry, what are they actually competing for?

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