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Housemates and Friends (Housemates)
Series: Housemates
Volume: 1
Genre: Other
ISBN: 9780981885728
Pages: 87 pages
Publisher: Mystic Moon Press
Price: $2.49
Reader Rating: Not rated
Housemates and Friends by Bridy McAvoy

Description: Three friends, close friends through college.

They luck out on graduation, getting jobs for the same company and a nice house to rent.

Disaster all three lose their jobs and their incomes. One goes to work for the landlord.

She tries to help her friends. Bad idea – she’s not a competent fraudster and her boss catches her.

He gives them all a simple choice. Arrest, imprisonment and a criminal record or . . .

Model for him because he’s also a photographer.

Only it’s not exactly catalogue modeling.

Follow them as they descend a slippery slope from being good girls towards something far worse, but also far more exiting and enjoyable.

As he takes them deeper and deeper into the sleazy world he inhabits will they be able to stay friends, particularly after they watch and help each other doing . . .

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