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Shadowmoor (Magic: The Gathering - Lorwyn Cycle)
Series: Magic: The Gathering - Lorwyn Cycle
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 9780786948406
Reader Rating: Not rated
Shadowmoor by Philip Athans & Susan J. Morris

Description: When the Great Aurora comes . . .

The daylit world of Lorwyn is no more, its beauty forgotten by all but a precious few. The other souls have descended into a darkness that mirrors the sky above their heads, and unthinkable horrors lurk in the ever-present shadows of a world gone bad.

. . . an epoch of darkness descends.

Table of Contents

"Ode to Mistmeadow Jack" by Scott McGough and Cory J. Herndon
"Five Brothers" by Ken Troop
"Paths" by Denise R. Graham
"Mark of the Raven" by Jess Lebow
"Meme's Tale" by Will McDermott
"Pawn of the Banshee" by Doug Beyer
"Expedition" by Matt Cavotta
"Sootstoke" by John Delaney
"The Cloudbreaker" by Jenna Helland
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