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Shinigami (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 1932815716
Publisher: Medallion Press
Price: 18.99C
Reader Rating: Not rated
Shinigami by Django Wexler

Description: Shinigami: In Japanese folklore, a spirit that collects the souls of the dead.

At age fourteen, Sylph Walker died in a car accident. That turned out to be only the beginning of her problems...

She and her sister Lina awake to an afterlife, of sorts — the world of Omega, ruled by cruel, squabbling, and nearly all-powerful Archmagi. When Lina finds a magical sword of immense power, she becomes the unwilling epicenter of the conflict. The sisters are forced to join the Circle Breakers, rebels sworn to prevent the tyrants from expanding their rule.

Lina, bearing the ancient artifact, is hailed as the Liberator — the latest in a long line of heroes expected to destroy the Archmagi. Sylph finds herself at the head of the rebel armies fighting to take back the land and the lives of its people. But what kind of a land is it? Is Omega really the world that lies beyond death? And who is the legendary Lightbringer, a being greater even than the Archmagi?

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