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Lessek's Key (The Eldarn Trilogy)
Series: The Eldarn Trilogy
Volume: 2
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0575076089
Publisher: Gollancz
Price: $36.21
Reader Rating: Not rated
Lessek's Key by Robert Scott & Jay Gordon

Description: The Larion spell table has been dormant for nearly a thousand Twinmoons. It waits in a forgotten chamber in Sandcliff Palace, the abandoned Larion Senate stronghold on Eldarn's North Sea. The spell table holds the power to see the people of the five lands safely through the oppression and brutality that have haunted them for generations, but without Lessek's key it is a worthless slab of granite - and Lessek's key itself is just a nondescript stone Steven Taylor and Mark Jenkins overlooked on the night they fell through the far portal into Eldarn. Retrieving the key and freeing Eldarn's people rests with Steven Taylor, the would-be sorcerer from Colorado, who is racing across America with Nerak, the fallen Larion dictator, hot on his heels. Steven must reach Idaho Springs and find Lessek's key before it falls into Nerak's hands and is lost for ever - and with it, the lives of untold millions, in both of Steven's worlds. Return with Steven Taylor to Eldarn, where the magic of Lessek and the Larion Senators waits for the restoration of Lessek's key.

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