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The Western King (The Rune Blade Trilogy)
Series: The Rune Blade Trilogy
Volume: 2
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0061056286
Pages: 400 pages
Publisher: EOS
Reader Rating: Not rated
The Western King by Ann Marston

Description: The wanderer Red Kian has ruled Skai as Regent, but now it is time for him to step down. War clouds are gathering. Maedun sorcerers have taken the continent, and Saesnesi raiders are pillaging the islands.
But Kian has three sons. One is a prince of Skai blood, one is a wizard touched by Tyadda fire, and one is a dreamer who longs to unite the Celi against their enemies. Which will inherit the rune blade known as Kingmaker? Which will have the power to confront the Black Riders who bring darkness like a cloak to cover the land?

Also in this series are The Kingmaker's Sword, The Broken Blade Return to the Ann Marston page.

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