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Shadow Sisters (Chia Black Dragon)
Series: Chia Black Dragon
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Legend
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10
Votes: 1
Shadow Sisters by Stephen Marley

Description: In the third of the Chia series the setting switches from ghost story to flamboyant epic. The story begins in early seventh-century Rome with Chia making a wild bid to make herself pope, leading to inevitable disaster. She flees Rome for China, pursued by her erstwhile ‘disciples’, monks led by a religious fanatic self-named ‘Crucifer’ who has sworn to destroy ‘Chia, the female antichrist’ by means of the three things she fears most – a mirror, a brother and paradise. Chia, unaware that Crucifer is on her track, has already come to the attention of the tyrannical Emperor Yang Ti soon after her arrival in China. She finds herself dragged into Chinese politics and agrees to assassinate Yang Ti, who has in the meantime fallen under the thrall of the demonically possessed Crucifer, leading to a thunderous finale and a startling and clever plot twist.

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