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Spirit Mirror (Chia Black Dragon)
Series: Chia Black Dragon
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Collins
Reader Rating: 7 out of 10
Votes: 1
Spirit Mirror by Stephen Marley

Description: First of the Chia Black Dragon series, Spirit Mirror is, compared to the other novels, the nearest to a conventional fantasy. That said, this dark fantasy set in Han dynasty China already possesses most of the elements that make up Stephen’s sub-genre which he dubbed ‘Chinese Gothic’.
Chia, a beautiful woman who possesses an immense lifespan from her non-human father (whom she murdered) is introduced as a lesbian, part-demon, sometime vampire! Even in this early novel, this most unlikely of women comes across as remarkably believable and sympathetic, a tribute to the author’s powers of imagination and empathy. In this tale, Chia is lured by her unhinged and deadly brother into releasing beings from a mirror dimension in his attempt to corrupt the newly-laid roots of Buddhism in China.

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