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Kindred Spirits (TWitches)
Series: TWitches
Volume: 7
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0439472199
Pages: 213 pages
Publisher: Scholastic
Price: $4.50
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 1
Kindred Spirits by H.B. Gilmore & Randi Reisfeld

Description: Coventry Island. A lush, hidden world of magic and sorcery. It's where Cam and Alex were born. And it's where they're headed now. At last.

But Coventry doesn't feel much like home. A group of cooler-than-thou teen witches and warlocks aren't exactly making nice with the twins. And if Cam and Alex feel like the odd girls out in this place... where is it that they really belong?

Also in this series are The Power of Two, The Power of Two, Building a Mystery, Seeing is Deceiving, Dead Wrong, Un amour de sorcière, Double Jeopardy, The Witch Hunters, Split Descision, Destiny's Twins Return to the H.B. Gilmore page, Randi Reisfeld page.

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