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Bortag's Curse (The Erebus Equilibrium)
Series: The Erebus Equilibrium
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 1920764747
Pages: 156 pages
Publisher: Equilibrium Books
Price: 24.95A
Reader Rating: 10 out of 10
Votes: 1
Bortag's Curse by Neil Charles Cladingboel

Description: A five thousand-year-old prophecy, which foretold the genesis of Erebus, holds the key to a long-forgotten mystery of betrayal, tragedy and revenge in a village older than modern man. The ancient city of Bortag, home of the moon-worshipping Astronomers' Guild, is the backdrop for this intriguing journey through Earth's history.

For Jonathan Malone, exiled in Erebus and assigned the task of researching this ancient culture, the secrets of Bortag's Curse may hold more than just the answers he's looking for; solving perhaps an even greater mystery, dating back to the very origins of mankind's evolution, and beyond.

From the author of The Erebus Equilibrium series comes an intriguing new fantasy that takes the legend of Erebus to a whole new level. Written as a companion novel to the series, Bortag's Curse can be enjoyed both as a stand-alone adventure, and as a stunning sequel or prequel to the earlier trilogy.

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