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Night Songs (Misc)
Series: Misc
Volume: 1
Genre: Horror
ISBN: 0595188397
Pages: 257 pages
Publisher: Author's Choice Press
Price: 14.95
Reader Rating: Not rated
Night Songs by Fred Wiehe

Description: Alfie Free and Tommy Chandler, two San Jose police detectives, have been partners and friends for thirteen years. While neither of them is willing to acknowledge that ominously numbered anniversary, they can't escape the strange and horrifying events ahead. They soon find themselves knee-deep into the occult, chasing a drug kingpin and self-proclaimed vampire. Moreover, their snitch turns up in a back alley. Dead. Drained of all his blood. When Tommy unexpectedly inherits a ranch in the Santa Lucia Mountains of Big Sur, both he and Alfie agree they need a vacation and quickly flee San Jose. They can not, however, escape the dark cloud of their thirteenth year together. In Big Sur, while traveling through a dark and foreboding forest, Alfie and Tommy meet and quickly befriend a kumpania, band, of Gypsies. And suddenly, they're forced to protect these new friends from wolfish beasts with hell-fire eyes. The only warning of the beasts' imminent attack is their NIGHT SONGS!

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