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Isolde: Queen of the Western Isle (Isolde Trilogy)
Series: Isolde Trilogy
Volume: 1
Genre: Fantasy
Reader Rating: Not rated
Isolde: Queen of the Western Isle by Rosalind Miles

Description: In the golden time of Arthur and Guenevere, the Island of the West shone lake an emerald in the sea—one of the last strongholds of Goddess worship and Mother right. Isolde is the only daughter and heiress of Ireland’s great ruling queen, a lady as passionate in battle as she is in love. La Belle Isolde, like her mother, is famed for her beauty, but she is a healer instead of a warrior, “of all surgeons, the best among the isles.” A natural peacemaker, Isolde is struggling to save Ireland from a war waged by her dangerously reckless mother. King Mark of Cornwall send forth his own champion to do battle with the Irish—Sir Tristan of Lyonesse—a young, untested knight with a mysterious past. When he lies victorious but near death on the field of battle, Tristan knows that his only hope of survival lies to the West. His men smuggle him into the Queen’s fort at Dubh Lein and beg the princess to save him.
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