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19 "y" books to be listed.

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Books with Titles Starting with Y
TitleAuthor (Surname,Forename)RatingVotes
 Yoda - Dark Rendezvous Stewart, Sean101
 Year of the Griffin Jones, Diana Wynne97
 Young Miles Bujold, Lois McMaster96
 Year Of Our War Swainston, Steph92
 Your Heart Belongs to Me Koontz, Dean91
 Ysabel Kay, Guy Gavriel91
 Yendi Brust, Steven910
 Young Lord of Khadora Tuttle, Richard S.99
 You Come When I Call You Clegg, Douglas83
 Yon Ill Wind Anthony, Piers74
 Yesterday We Saw Mermaids Friesner, Esther82
 Young Justice David, Peter & Nauck, Todd82
 Yarrow: An Autumn Tale de Lint, Charles71
 You've Been Warned Patterson, James & Roughan, Howard71
 You Can Be The Stainless Steel Rat Harrison, Harry63
 Year Zero : A Novel Long, Jeff62
 Yesterday's Son Crispin, A.C.61
 Young Bleys Dickson, Gordon R.51
 Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded Scalzi, John31

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