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Books with Titles Starting with N
TitleAuthor (Surname,Forename)RatingVotes
 Naruto, Volume 29 Kishimoto, Masashi101
 Necropolis Abnett, Dan101
 Never Knew Another McDermott, J. M.101
 Nevermore Decandido, Keith101
 NeverNever Shetterly, Will101
 New Barbarians Mitchell, Kirk101
 Night Embrace Kenyon, Sherrilyn101
 Night of Long Shadows Crilley, Paul101
 Night of the Soul Stealer Delaney, Joseph101
 Night of the Soul Stealer Delany, Joseph101
 Night Pleasures Kenyon, Sherrilyn101
 Nightmare's Disciple Pulver, Sr., Joseph S.101
 Nightrise Horowitz, Anthony101
 Night's Master Lee, Tanith101
 Night's Sorceries Lee, Tanith101
 Nightwalker Drake, Jocelynn101
 Nine Coaches Waiting Stewart, Mary101
 Ninth Key /High Stakes Cabot, Meg101
 No Humans Involved Armstrong, Kelley101
 Nocturne Cooper, Louise101
 Non-Stop Aldiss, Brian101
 Norstrilia Smith, Cordwainer101
 N-Space Niven, Larry101
 Nylon Angel De Pierres, Marianne101
 Neuromancer Gibson, William926
 Necroscope Lumley, Brian923
 Neverwhere Gaiman, Neil916
 Night Whispers Hunter, Erin1016
 New Spring Jordan, Robert913
 Night Shade Ewing, Lynne910
 Naruto Vol. 1: The Tests of the Ninja Kishimoto, Masashi99
 Nemesis Asimov, Isaac96
 Nemisis Cooper, Louise95
 Night Sun Ewing, Lynne105
 Nightfeeder Reeves-Stevens, Judith & Reeves-Stevens, Garfield95
 Nova Delany, Samuel R.94
 Neverness Zindell, David93
 Nosferatu Sargent, Carl & Gascoigne, Marc93
 Next Crichton, Michael92
 Night of Knives Esslemont, Ian Cameron92
 noir Jeter, K. W.92
 Northworld Drake, David102
 Not Really the Prisoner of Zenda Rosenberg, Joel92
 Naked In Death Robb, J. D.91
 Nebula Awards Three Zelazny, Roger91
 Neptune Crossing Carver, Jeffrey A.91
 Night of the Living Dummy Stine, R. L.91
 Night School Child, Lee91
 Nightfall Smith, L.J.91
 Nights at the Circus Carter, Angela91
 Nine Billion Names of God Clarke, Arthur C.91
 Ninety Trillion Fausts Chalker, Jack L.91
 No Haven for the Guilty Green, Simon R.91
 Nothing But Blue Skies Holt, Tom91
 Nothing Sacred Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann91
 Nine Princes In Amber Zelazny, Roger850
 New Moon Meyer, Stephenie938
 Northern Lights Pullman, Philip930
 Naked Empire Goodkind, Terry925
 Narcissus in Chains Hamilton, Laurell K.816
 Night Watch Pratchett, Terry915
 Nemesis Perry, S. D.914
 Noonshade Barclay, James912
 Nightchild Barclay, James811
 Noughts And Crosses Blackman, Malorie811
 Ninenteen Eighty-Four (1984) Orwell, George810
 No Time To Die Chandler, Elizabeth910
 Numair:The Early Years Pierce, Tamora910
 North Child Pattou, Edith98
 Night of Madness Watt-Evans, Lawrence87
 Nightside the Long Sun Wolfe, Gene87
 Nightsword Weis, Margaret & Hickman, Tracy97
 Never Deal With a Dragon Charrette, Robert N.86
 Night Watch Lukyanenko, Sergei86
 Nightingale's Lament Green, Simon R.95
 Nightwinds Wagner, Karl Edward85
 No Place For Magic Baker, E.D.85
 Not For Glory Rosenberg, Joel95
 Night Masks Salvatore, R.A.84
 Nightfall Asimov, Isaac84
 Nor Crystal Tears Foster, Alan Dean84
 Nano Marlow, John83
 Nera A. Hamimi, Haytham83
 Never Trust an Elf Charrette, Robert N.83
 New Moon Snyder, Midori93
 Night Arrant Gygax, Gary83
 Night of the Dragons Weis, Margaret & Hickman, Tracy83
 Night of the Triffids Clark, Simon83
 Noninterference Turtledove, Harry93
 Night Flyers Martin, George R.R.82
 Night of Blood Knaak, Richard A.82
 Night Shift King, Stephen82
 No Good Deed Smith, Dean Wesley & Rusch, Kristine Kathryn82
 Not Exactly the Three Musketeers Rosenberg, Joel82
 Not Quite Scaramouche Rosenberg, Joel82
 Nameless Magery Turner, Delia Marshall81
 Nancy Holley, Charlotte81
 Necronomicon: The Wanderings of Alhazred Tyson, Donald81
 Nicolae LaHaye, Tim & Jenkins, Jerry B.81
 Nightbringer McNeill, Graham81
 Nightworlds Nolan, William F.81
 No Enemy But Time Bishop, Michael81
 Nomad Swallow, James81
 Nostradamus Ate My Hamster Rankin, Robert81
 Notions: Unlimited Sheckley, Robert81
 Night Mare Anthony, Piers812
 Nerilka's Story McCaffrey, Anne810
 Number of the Beast Heinlein, Robert A.79
 Neutron Star (collection) Niven, Larry86
 Night Chills Koontz, Dean75
 Night of the Wolf Borchardt, Alice85
 Nightseer Hamilton, Laurell K.85
 Now Wait for Last Year Dick, Philip K.85
 No Blade of Grass (US) , The Death of Grass(UK) Christoper, John74
 No One Noticed the Cat McCaffrey, Anne84
 Narrarive Poems Lewis, C.S.73
 Night of the Eye Kirchoff, Mary83
 Night Play Kenyon, Sherrilyn83
 Night Probe! Cussler, Clive83
 Navohar Bell, Hilari82
 Night Moves and Other Stories Powers, Tim & Blaylock, James P.82
 Nightlife Thurman, Rob82
 Nobody true Herbert, James82
 Nemesis Thompson, Paul B.71
 Neo Addix Grimwood, Jon Courtenay71
 Netlink Keith, Jr., William H.71
 Night Blooming Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn71
 Nightmares & Dreamscapes King, Stephen71
 Night's Pawn Dowd, Tom71
 Night Lamp Vance, Jack77
 Nimisha's Ship McCaffrey, Anne65
 Natural Selection Stackpole, Michael A.63
 Necessary Evil Tregellis, Ian62
 Natural History Robson, Justina53
 Nation Pratchett, Terry52
 None but Man Dickson, Gordon R.52
 Necromancer Dickson, Gordon R.51
 Natural Escape Grubbe, Kevin34
 No Man's Land Golden, Christie11

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