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245 "h" books to be listed.

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Books with Titles Starting with H
TitleAuthor (Surname,Forename)RatingVotes
 House of Zeor Lichtenberg, Jacqueline102
 Halls of Stormweather (one of Seven authors) Kemp, Paul101
 Halo: The Cole Protocol Buckell, Tobias S.101
 Halt's Peril Flanagan, John101
 Hands of Flame Murphy, C. E.101
 Hang A Thousand Trees Wiht Ribbons- The Story of Phillis Wheatley Rinaldi, Ann101
 Haven of Lost Souls Green, Simon R.101
 Headcode Siratori, Kenji101
 Heart of Ice Cooper, Louise101
 Heart's Blood Yolen, Jane101
 Heart-Shaped Box: A Novel Hill, Joe101
 Heaven Andrews, Virginia Cleo101
 HEAVEN EYES Almond, David101
 hedgehogs in the hall baglio, ben101
 Hedgework and Guessery de Lint, Charles101
 Heir Apparent Vande Velde, Vivian101
 Hejira Van Lustbader, Eric101
 Here Be Demons Friesner, Esther101
 Heretic: Betrayers of Kamigawa McGough, Scott101
 Hereticus Abnett, Dan101
 Heroics For Beginners Moore, John101
 High Stakes David, Peter101
 Highway of Eternity Simak, Clifford D.101
 Hitman: Enemy Within Dietz, William C.101
 Holes Sachar, Louis101
 holly's wish dale, jenny101
 Home Is the Hunter Kramer Rolls, Dana101
 horse in the house baglio, ben101
 How to disappear completly and never be found. nickerson, sara101
 Hunger Grant, Michael101
 Hungers of the Heart Black, Jenna101
 Hunt the Moon Chance, Karen101
 Hunted Hand, Elizabeth101
 Hunter of the Light Aratyr, Risa101
 Hush, Hush Fitzpatrick, Becca101
 husky in a hut baglio, ben101
 Hybrids Thorpe, David101
 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Rowling, J. K.975
 Heir to the Shadows Bishop, Anne938
 Homeland Salvatore, R.A.924
 Heir to the Empire Zahn, Timothy921
 Howl's Moving Castle Jones, Diana Wynne917
 Hero in the Shadows Gemmell, David915
 Hawkwood's Voyage Kearney, Paul914
 Honoured Enemy Feist, Raymond E. & Forstchen, William R.912
 Haunted /Grave Doubts Cabot, Meg911
 Heart of Avalon Roberts, Rachel911
 Honor Amoung Enemies Weber, David911
 Her Majesty's Wizard Stasheff, Christopher99
 Hogfather Pratchett, Terry99
 Hawk of May Bradshaw, Gillian95
 Heart of the Comet Brin, David & Benford, Gregory95
 Humans Sawyer, Robert J.95
 Hello! Lozon, Scott94
 Hit or Myth Asprin, Robert94
 House On The Borderland Hodgson, William Hope94
 Hybrids Sawyer, Robert J.94
 Hero's Song Pattou, Edith93
 High Rhulain Jacques, Brian93
 Hunter's Death West, Michelle93
 Halfway to the Grave Frost, Jeaniene92
 Han Solo at Star's End Daley, Brian92
 Harlequin Cornwell, Bernard92
 Heartlight Bradley, Marion Zimmer & Edghill, Rosemary102
 Hidden Truth Cook, Dawn92
 Homefall Bunch, Chris102
 Hunter's Oath West, Michelle102
 husky hero dale, jenny102
 He, She and It Piercy, Marge91
 Heat Stroke Caine, Rachel91
 Hellhole Huntington, Geoffrey91
 Hello Gorgeous Davidson, Mary Janice91
 Hidden Dragon Radford, Irene91
 Hitler Victorious Benford, Gregory & Greenberg, Martin H.91
 Hot Sleep: The Worthing Chronicle Card, Orson Scott91
 Hôtel Transylvania Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn91
 hound on the heath baglio, ben91
 House of Cards David, Peter91
 Household Gods Tarr, Judith & Turtledove, Harry91
 How Much for Just the Planet? Ford, John M.91
 How To Draw Deltora Monsters Rodda, Emily91
 Hunted Cast, P. C. & Cast, Kristin91
 Hunters of the Deep Bills, Randall N.91
 Hunting the Ghost Dancer Attanasio, A. A.91
 Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Rowling, J. K.8263
 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Rowling, J. K.8147
 Hawksong Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia8136
 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Rowling, J. K.8109
 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Rowling, J. K.892
 Halo: The Fall of Reach Nylund, Eric S.974
 Halo: The Flood Dietz, William C.958
 Hyperion Simmons, Dan834
 Heretics of Dune Herbert, Frank928
 Hatchet Paulsen, Gary910
 High Hunt Eddings, David910
 Hades' Daughter Douglass, Sara89
 High Wizardry Duane, Diane89
 Harpist in the Wind McKillip, Patricia A.88
 Harp of Winds Furey, Maggie87
 Harshini Fallon, Jennifer87
 Half-Moon Investigations Colfer, Eoin86
 Hardwired Williams, Walter Jon96
 Harpy Thyme Anthony, Piers96
 Hellstrom's Hive Herbert, Frank86
 His Majesty's Dragon Novik, Naomi86
 Hominids Sawyer, Robert J.96
 House Corrino Herbert, Brian & Anderson, Kevin J.86
 Hammerfall Cherryh, C.J.95
 Hammer's Slammers Drake, David95
 Heir of Sea and Fire McKillip, Patricia A.95
 Heir to the Dragon Charrette, Robert N.85
 Hero Rosenberg, Joel85
 Hero of Dreams Lumley, Brian95
 Heroes Die Stover, Matthew Woodring85
 His Conquering Sword Elliot, Kate85
 House of the Sun Findley, Nigel95
 Headcrash Bethke, Bruce84
 Helliconia Winter Aldiss, Brian84
 Hellworld Green, Simon R.84
 Hex and the City Green, Simon R.84
 Hocus Pocus Vonnegut, Kurt84
 Hunter - After The Fall (Book One) Backus, John Phillip84
 Hard Contact Traviss, Karen83
 Hawkmoon Moorcock, Michael83
 Heartfire Card, Orson Scott83
 Heartlight Barron, T.A.93
 Heechee Rendezvous Pohl, Frederik83
 Hell Hath No Fury Weber, David & Evans, Linda93
 Hell Island Reilly, Matthew83
 Helliconia Spring Aldiss, Brian83
 Hell's Faire Ringo, John83
 Hell's Gate Weber, David & Evans, Linda83
 Hidden Warrior Flewelling, Lynn83
 Hourglass Gray, Claudia93
 House of Leaves Danielewski, Mark Z.83
 Hover Car Racer 2 Reilly, Matthew93
 Hung Out Weis, Margaret & Perrin, Don93
 Hunted Gardner, James Alan83
 Hell to Pay Green, Simon R.82
 Horus Rising Abnett, Dan82
 House of Reeds Harlan, Thomas82
 Hunted By Chaos Grubbe, Kevin82
 Hannibal Harris, Thomas81
 Hard Merchandise Jeter, K. W.81
 Hard Spell Gustainis, Justin81
 Heastward Ho! Kilworth, Garry81
 Hegira Bear, Greg81
 Heretic Cornwell, Bernard81
 Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths Evslin, Bernard81
 Hexed Hearne, Kevin81
 Hidden Talents Lubar, David81
 Hide & Seek Patterson, James81
 High Deryni Kurtz, Katherine81
 Homecoming Dalmas, John81
 Honour the Dead Saylor, Steven81
 Hooray For Hellywood Friesner, Esther81
 Hosts Wilson, F. Paul81
 House of Suns Reynolds, Alastair81
 how not to spend your senior year Dokey, Cameron81
 Human to Human (Ben Bova Presents) Ore, Rebecca81
 Hunter's Moon Devereux, David81
 Huntress Richards, Jim & Knight, Trinity81
 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Rowling, J. K.8105
 House of Chains Erikson, Steven893
 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Rowling, J. K.780
 Heresy Audley, Anselm816
 Hawkmistress Bradley, Marion Zimmer79
 Heaven Cent Anthony, Piers89
 Haunted Armstrong, Kelley88
 Heirs of Empire Weber, David87
 Heaven's Reach Brin, David86
 Happy Birthday, Dear Amy Kaye, Marilyn85
 Harmony Kellogg, Marjorie Bradley85
 Have Space Suit - Will Travel Heinlein, Robert A.85
 Hawk and Fisher Green, Simon R.75
 Hexwood Jones, Diana Wynne75
 Hidden Empire Anderson, Kevin J.85
 Hover Car Racer Reilly, Matthew85
 Hearts in Atlantis King, Stephen84
 Hitler's Daughter French, Jackie84
 Homecoming Golden, Christie74
 Hatching Magic Downer, Ann73
 Heirs of the Force Anderson, Kevin J. & Moesta, Rebecca73
 Hellburner Cherryh, C.J.73
 Helliconia Summer Aldiss, Brian83
 Heris Serrano Moon, Elizabeth73
 Holder of Lightening Farrell, S. L.83
 Hunt the Sun Runner Windham, Ryder73
 Hammer and Anvil Turtledove, Harry82
 Hanging Butoh Besher, Alexander82
 Harlot's Ruse Friesner, Esther82
 Heart of Gold Shinn, Sharon82
 Heart of Stone DeMartino, Denny82
 Heavy Weather Sterling, Bruce82
 Heirs of the Enemy Tuttle, Richard S.82
 Hell Heart Vardeman, Robert E.82
 Hero's Trial Luceno, James82
 Hidden in Sight Czerneda, Julie72
 Hideaway Koontz, Dean82
 Homeworld HARRISON, HARRY72
 Horselords Cook, David82
 Halting State Stross, Charles71
 Hammer of God Miller, Karen71
 Hard Sell Anthony, Piers71
 Hero! Duncan, Dave71
 Heroine Worship Kuhn, Sarah71
 Homegoing Pohl, Frederik71
 Honeymoon Patterson, James & Roughan, Howard71
 Honor Among Thieves Cunningham, Elaine71
 Horowitz Horror Horowitz, Anthony71
 Hounded Hearne, Kevin71
 Hour of the Octopus Rosenberg, Joel71
 House of Wings Byars, Betsy71
 House Atreides Herbert, Brian & Anderson, Kevin J.710
 Hunting Party Moon, Elizabeth74
 Half Magic Eager, Edward73
 Harpys Flight Hobb, Robin & Lindholm, Megan63
 Heads Bear, Greg73
 How Few Remain Turtledove, Harry73
 Heavy Time Cherryh, C.J.62
 Hook Brooks, Terry62
 Half Life Clement, Hal61
 Heirs of Prophecy Smedman, Lisa61
 Hemingway Hoax Haldeman, Joe61
 House Peretti, Frank & Dekker, Ted61
 House Harkonnen Herbert, Brian & Anderson, Kevin J.610
 High Heat Child, Lee53
 Hart's Hope Card, Orson Scott62
 Head On Scalzi, John62
 Heroes and Villains Carter, Angela52
 His Last Command Abnett, Dan62
 Help Her Briggs, Hailey51
 Hand of the King's Evil Brenchley, Chaz41
 Hellboy: Seed of Destruction Mignola, Mike & Byrne, John41
 House of Many Ways Jones, Diana Wynne41
 HeartBeat Wolfe, Matthew42
 Hell Phone Sleator, William31
 Hold Back the Night Frank, Pat21
 homeward bound dale, jenny21
 Hammer of Daemons Counter, Ben11
 Heart of Valor Smith, L.J.11
 Here Be Monsters Dokey, Cameron11

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