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Books with Titles Starting with F
TitleAuthor (Surname,Forename)RatingVotes
 forever sam dale, jenny105
 Face Of The Shadow L'Homme, Erik102
 Faery in Shadow Cherryh, C.J.102
 French Kiss Van Lustbader, Eric102
 Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star Mull, Brandon101
 Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg Carson Levine, Gail101
 Faith of the Unforgotten Grody, Leathel101
 Fantasy Lover Kenyon, Sherrilyn101
 Farthest Star Pohl, Frederik & Williamson, Jack101
 Fear and Loathing in Haven Green, Simon R.101
 Fearless Campbell, Jack & Hemry, John G.101
 Feathers of the Thunderbird Luther, Kaitlin101
 Final Reckoning: The Fate of Bester Keyes, J. Gregory101
 Fire and Flight Pini, Richard & Pini, Wendy101
 Fire and Sword Brown, Simon101
 Fire in the Blood Elrod, P. N.101
 Fire Music Gray, Julia101
 Firebird D'Angelou, Susannah101
 Fires of Nuala Kimbriel, Katharine Eliska101
 Firethorn Micklem, Sarah101
 Fireworks: Nine Profane Pieces Carter, Angela101
 First Among Sequels Fforde, Jasper101
 Flight of the Fallen Herbert, Mary H.101
 Flyover Country Lippert, George Norman101
 For All Time Cooney, Caroline B.101
 Forging the Sword Bell, Hilari101
 Forsaken House Baker, Richard101
 Fortress of Lies York, J. Steven101
 Foundations Ward, Dayton & Dilmore, Kevin101
 Four Past Midnight King, Stephen101
 Four Stories Walderzak, J.A.101
 Foxmask Marillier, Juliet101
 Framer Brian, Ben Abix101
 Freehold Williamson, Michael Z.101
 Frightful's Mountain George, Jean Craighead101
 From a Changeling Star Carver, Jeffrey A.101
 Frost Bailey, Robin Wayne101
 Frostbite Richelle, Mead101
 Fruits Basket Takaya, Natsuki101
 Fruits Basket - Natsuki Takaya Illustrations Takaya, Natsuki101
 Fruits Basket Vol. 12 Takaya, Natsuki101
 Fruits Basket Vol. 2 Takaya, Natsuki101
 full moon wo sagashite arina, tanemura101
 Fire and Ice Hunter, Erin9236
 Forest of Secrets Hunter, Erin9217
 Fields of Honor Stanek, Robert998
 Fire Bringer Clement-Davies, David964
 Fool's Errand Hobb, Robin936
 Flowers in the Attic Andrews, Virginia Cleo924
 Fool's Fate Hobb, Robin923
 First Strike Nylund, Eric S.921
 Fearless Pascal, Francine914
 First Rider's Call Britain, Kristen914
 Fading Echoes Hunter, Erin913
 Flag in Exile Weber, David910
 Fortress Draconis Stackpole, Michael A.98
 Fire And Hemlock Jones, Diana Wynne97
 Fountains of Paradise Clarke, Arthur C.97
 Finder Bull, Emma96
 Fire Rose Lackey, Mercedes96
 Firestarter King, Stephen96
 Five Hundred Years After Brust, Steven96
 For a Breath I Tarry Zelazny, Roger96
 Fire Arrow Pattou, Edith95
 From Hell Moore, Alan & Campbell, Eddie95
 From the Corner of His Eye Koontz, Dean95
 From the Heart of the Storm Giambastiani, Kurt R.A.95
 Fall of a Kingdom Bell, Hilari94
 Firedrake Knaak, Richard A.94
 Fanuilh Hood, Daniel93
 Far-Seer Sawyer, Robert J.93
 Fire Watch Willis, Connie93
 Fires of Azeroth Cherryh, C.J.93
 Fisherman's Hope Feintuch, David93
 Flee the Tellurian Empire Tjewels, Zak B93
 Fortress of Dragons Cherryh, C.J.93
 Fullmetal Alchemist Arakawa, Hiromu93
 Faery Lands Forlorn Duncan, Dave92
 Falling to Destiny Fleming, Peter92
 Fear Hubbard, L. Ron92
 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Smith, Dean Wesley92
 First and Only Abnett, Dan102
 Flight Of The Mariner Ware, Paul92
 Floating City Van Lustbader, Eric102
 Four for Tomorrow Zelazny, Roger92
 Fruits Basket Vol. 3 Takaya, Natsuki92
 Farside Cannon Allen, Roger MacBride91
 First Lord's Fury Butcher, Jim91
 First to Fight Sherman, David & Cragg, Dan91
 First Warning: Acorna's Children McCaffrey, Anne & Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann91
 Flameweaver Ball, Margaret91
 Flatland Abbott, Edwin A.91
 Flight of the Dying Sun Wulf, Rich91
 Flint the King Kirchoff, Mary & Niles, Douglas91
 foals in the field baglio, ben91
 Following the Rainbow baglio, ben91
 For The Emperor Mitchell, Sandy91
 For Two Nights Only Holt, Tom91
 Forge of the Mind Slayers Waggoner, Tim91
 Fortress Drake, David91
 Fortune's Fool Lackey, Mercedes91
 fox in the frost baglio, ben91
 Frameshift Sawyer, Robert J.91
 Free Live Free Wolfe, Gene91
 Freedom Suarez, Daniel91
 From Dead to Worse Harris, Charlaine91
 From the Heart of Darkness Drake, David91
 Frostwing Knaak, Richard A.91
 Fugitives of Chaos Wright, John C.91
 First Test Pierce, Tamora959
 Faith of the Fallen Goodkind, Terry850
 Foundation Asimov, Isaac933
 Flamesong Barker, M. A. R.927
 Firewing Oppel, Kenneth926
 Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury, Ray825
 Faerie Tale Feist, Raymond E.920
 Foundation and Empire Asimov, Isaac920
 Fire Sea Weis, Margaret & Hickman, Tracy916
 Farmer Giles of Ham Tolkien, J.R.R.914
 Feersum Endjinn Banks, Iain M.914
 Flight of the Nighthawks Feist, Raymond E.814
 Foundation and Earth Asimov, Isaac814
 Fevre Dream Martin, George R.R.813
 Freedoms Landing McCaffrey, Anne813
 Flyte Sage, Angie811
 For Love of Evil Anthony, Piers811
 For Love of Mother Not Foster, Alan Dean911
 Fool Moon Butcher, Jim910
 Fortress in the Eye of Time Cherryh, C.J.810
 Fallen Dragon Hamilton, Peter F.99
 Fire Star D'lacey, Chris89
 Fortune's Stroke Flint, Eric & Drake, David89
 Foundation's Edge Asimov, Isaac89
 Faded Steel Heat Cook, Glen98
 Full Circle Roberts, Rachel88
 Fell Clement-Davies, David87
 Field of Dishonor Weber, David87
 Firebird Lackey, Mercedes87
 Fortune's Wheel Norman, Lisanne97
 Fall of the White Ship Avator Daley, Brian96
 Falling Free Bujold, Lois McMaster86
 Farnham's Freehold Heinlein, Robert A.96
 Forging the Darksword Weis, Margaret & Hickman, Tracy86
 Factoring Humanity Sawyer, Robert J.95
 Faun and Games Anthony, Piers95
 Finn and Hengest Tolkien, J.R.R.95
 Fire Margins Norman, Lisanne85
 Foop! Genoa, Chris95
 Future Indefinite Duncan, Dave95
 Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague Mull, Brandon84
 Fairest Carson Levine, Gail94
 Finity's End Cherryh, C.J.94
 Firebird Trilogy Tyers, Kathy84
 First Flight Claremont, Chris84
 FIRST LENSMAN Smith, E.E. 'Doc'84
 First Men in the Moon Wells, H. G.84
 Fleet of the Damned Cole, Allan & Bunch, Chris84
 Fool Me Twice Hughes, Matthew94
 For a Few Demons More Harrison, Kim84
 Fountainhead Rand, Ayn84
 Friday Heinlein, Robert A.84
 From A Buick 8 King, Stephen84
 Furies Of Calderon Butcher, Jim84
 Fading Scars Lavalle, Krys83
 Faust Among Equals Holt, Tom83
 Felaheen Grimwood, Jon Courtenay83
 Final Voyage of the Remora Tuttle, Richard S.83
 First Channel LORRAH, JEAN & Lichtenberg, Jacqueline83
 Flinx in Flux Foster, Alan Dean83
 Far Harbor Michaels, Melisa82
 Feast of All Saints Rice, Anne82
 Find Your Own Truth Charrette, Robert N.82
 First Battle Michaels, Melisa82
 Five-Twelfths of Heaven Scott, Melissa82
 Flinx's Folly Foster, Alan Dean82
 Floater Factor Michaels, Melisa82
 Fool's Tavern Resnikoff, Ned82
 Foreigner Sawyer, Robert J.82
 Fortress of Eagles Cherryh, C.J.82
 Fossil Hunter Sawyer, Robert J.82
 Four Ways to Forgiveness Le Guin, Ursula K.82
 Fruiting Bodies and Other Fungi Lumley, Brian82
 Fateful Lightning Forstchen, William R.81
 Feed Anderson, M. T.81
 Fell Cargo Abnett, Dan81
 Firebird Morwood, Peter81
 Firemask Bunch, Chris81
 Firestar Flynn, Michael81
 First Family Tilley, Patrick81
 Fistandantilus Reborn Niles, Douglas81
 Flare Zelazny, Roger & Thomas, Thomas T.81
 Flight of Dragons Dickinson, Peter81
 Flight of the Raven Roberson, Jennifer81
 Fool's War Zettel, Sarah81
 Forerunner Norton, Andre81
 Forgotten Truth Cook, Dawn81
 Forward the Mage Flint, Eric & Roach, Richard81
 Freaks: Alive, on the Inside! Klause, Annette Curtis81
 Freedom and Necessity Brust, Steven & Bull, Emma81
 Freeze Tag Cooney, Caroline B.81
 From Hell With Love Green, Simon R.81
 From the Depths Milan, Victor81
 From the Dust Returned : A Family Remembrance Bradbury, Ray81
 Future Weapons of War Haldeman, Joe & Greenberg, Martin H.81
 Falcondance Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia740
 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Rowling, J. K. & Scamander, Newt828
 Full Tilt Shusterman, Neal813
 Feet of Clay Pratchett, Terry811
 Freedoms Challenge McCaffrey, Anne78
 Freedoms Choice McCaffrey, Anne78
 Flashforward Sawyer, Robert J.87
 Flowers For Algernon Keyes, Daniel77
 Forward the Foundation Asimov, Isaac86
 Fall of Angels Modesitt Jnr., L.E.75
 Flipped Van Draanen, Wendelin75
 Fools Errant Hughes, Matthew75
 Footfall Niven, Larry & Pournelle, Jerry85
 Foreigner Cherryh, C.J.85
 From the Two Rivers Jordan, Robert75
 Frost and Fire Zelazny, Roger85
 Fruits Basket Vol. 1 Takaya, Natsuki85
 Fablehaven Mull, Brandon84
 Full Circle Boyle, Michael74
 Fallen Kate, Lauren73
 Farnor Taylor, Roger73
 Fear Nothing Koontz, Dean73
 Fire Study Snyder, Maria V.73
 First Truth Cook, Dawn73
 Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said Dick, Philip K.83
 Four Dimensional Nightmare Ballard, J. G.73
 Fractal Mode Anthony, Piers73
 Frankenstein Shelley, Mary73
 Frostbite Mead, Richelle73
 Fade to Black Nicholls, Stan82
 Final Frontier Carey, Diane72
 Flight of Exiles Bova, Ben82
 Flying Dutch Holt, Tom82
 Fool's Run McKillip, Patricia A.82
 Forests of the Heart de Lint, Charles82
 Forever After Zelazny, Roger82
 Foundation and Chaos Bear, Greg82
 Fox and Empire Turtledove, Harry82
 From Russia with Love Fleming, Ian82
 From the End of the Twentieth Century Ford, John M.82
 Falcons of Narabella Bradley, Marion Zimmer71
 Fantastic Voyage: Microcosm Anderson, Kevin J.71
 Fates Worse Than Death: An Autobiographical Collage of the 1980's Vonnegut, Kurt71
 Federation World White, James71
 Fire Planet Griffin, P. M.71
 Fitcher's Brides Frost, Gregory71
 Flight in Yiktor Norton, Andre71
 Flint House Liles, Nancetta71
 Flinx Transcendent Foster, Alan Dean71
 Fly Trap Hardinge, Frances71
 For Heaven's Eyes Only Green, Simon R.71
 Forge of Heaven Cherryh, C.J.71
 Forge of Virtue Abbey, Lynn71
 Foundation's Triumph Brin, David71
 Frankenstein (1818 Text) Shelley, Mary71
 Freebirth Thurston, Robert71
 Fulgrim McNeill, Graham71
 Freedom's Ransom McCaffrey, Anne79
 Forest Mage Hobb, Robin64
 Fortress of Frost and Fire Lackey, Mercedes & Emerson, Ru64
 Faerie Wars Brennan, Herbie73
 Farmer in the Sky Heinlein, Robert A.73
 Fireshaper's Doom Deitz, Tom73
 Firesong Nicholson, William63
 Flatlander: the Collected Tales of Gil "the Arm" Hamilton Niven, Larry73
 Forever Peace Haldeman, Joe73
 Four and Twenty Blackbirds Lackey, Mercedes63
 From the Depths of Heaven Tjewels, Zak B63
 Falcon Guard Thurston, Robert62
 False Memory Koontz, Dean62
 First Meetings : In the Enderverse Card, Orson Scott62
 Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions Abbott, Edwin A.62
 Forty Thousand in Gehenna Cherryh, C.J.62
 Fallen Heroes Hugh, Dafydd ab61
 Final Sacrifice Emery, Clayton61
 Finders Keepers Sinclair, Linnea61
 Finn Family Moomintroll Jansson, Tove61
 Flash Modesitt Jnr., L.E.61
 Floating Dragon Straub, Peter61
 Future Lost: A Mermaid's Longing Nour, Myra61
 Fuzzy Nation Scalzi, John59
 Forever Free Haldeman, Joe64
 Fallen Host Morehouse, Lyda62
 Farm Girls Keller, Annie51
 Feast of the King's Shadow Brenchley, Chaz51
 Figure in the Frost Perez, Lana51
 Finity Barnes, John51
 Five Weeks In A Balloon Verne, Jules51
 Flame Bell, Hilari51
 Forsake the Sky Powers, Tim53
 Fade-Out Tilley, Patrick42
 fast friends de'villers, julia42
 Fireships Drake, David42
 Freak The Mighty Philbrick, Rodman42
 Firestorm Caine, Rachel41
 For Us, The Living Heinlein, Robert A.41
 Forbidden Area Frank, Pat42
 Fang Patterson, James21
 Freedom Flight Lackey, Mercedes & Guon, Ellen21
 Fair Game Briggs, Patricia11
 Fireship Vinge, Joan D.11
 Fortune of Fear Hubbard, L. Ron11
 Frenzetta Calder, Richard11
 From the Earth to the Moon Verne, Jules11

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