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Books with Titles Starting with E
TitleAuthor (Surname,Forename)RatingVotes
 Everfree Sagan, Nick1018
 Earth Logic Marks, Laurie J.102
 Elfquest: Journey to Sorrow's End Pini, Richard & Pini, Wendy102
 Elfquest: The Quest Begins Pini, Richard & Pini, Wendy102
 Empire's End Bunch, Chris & Cole, Allan102
 Earthblood Laumer, Keith & Brown, Rosel George101
 Eastern Tide McKenna, Juliet E.101
 Eden Harbinson, W. A.101
 Eighth Grade Bites Brewer, Heather101
 Ella Enchanted Levine, Gail Carson101
 Ember From The Sun Canter, Mark101
 Embrace the Night Chance, Karen101
 Emerald Eyes Moran, Daniel101
 Empire Card, Orson Scott101
 Empire of Blood Knaak, Richard A.101
 Empire's Daughter Brown, Simon101
 Encounters Resnick, Mike101
 Endymion Spring Skelton, Matthew101
 Enemies Hogan, Lee101
 Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream Allston, Aaron101
 Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand Allston, Aaron101
 Erik Heart Merriweather, Kimberly101
 Escape Ewing, Lynne101
 Escape from Arylon Whittemore, Jo101
 Escape from Undermountain Anthony, Mark101
 Eulalia! Jacques, Brian101
 Evermore noel, alyson101
 Exiles at the Well of Souls Chalker, Jack L.101
 Eyes of the Calculor McMullen, Sean101
 Eragon Paolini, Christopher9548
 Eclipse Hunter, Erin1086
 Elf Queen and the King Stanek, Robert967
 Elf Queen and the King II Stanek, Robert955
 Emperor Mage Pierce, Tamora955
 Eclipse Meyer, Stephenie944
 Ella Enchanted Carson Levine, Gail942
 Edenborn Sagan, Nick934
 Ender's Shadow Card, Orson Scott923
 East Pattou, Edith918
 Echoes of Honor Weber, David913
 Eight Skilled Gentlemen Hughart, Barry911
 Elegy for a Lost Star Haydon, Elizabeth910
 Exile's Return Feist, Raymond E.99
 Eye of the Labyrinth Fallon, Jennifer98
 Erak's Ransom Flanagan, John97
 Extras Westerfeld, Scott96
 Elfsorrow Barclay, James95
 Elvenbred Lackey, Mercedes & Norton, Andre105
 Eternity Bear, Greg95
 Emerald of the Elves Tuttle, Richard S.94
 Eon Bear, Greg94
 Emergency in Escape Pod Four Watson, Jude & Burkett, K. D.93
 Ender in Exile Card, Orson Scott93
 Engine Summer Crowley, John93
 Entering Tenebrea Dawson, Roxann & Graham, Daniel93
 Exile's Gate Cherryh, C.J.93
 Effendi Grimwood, Jon Courtenay92
 Emily Windsnap and the Castle in the Mist Kessler, Liz92
 Emperor's Fist McGough, Scott92
 Encyclopedia of Xanth Anthony, Piers & Nye, Jody Lynne92
 Epic Kostick, Conor92
 Evil Ascending Stackpole, Michael A.92
 East Of Ealing Rankin, Robert91
 Elminster in Myth Drannor Greenwood, Ed91
 Elsewhere Shetterly, Will91
 Elsewhere Zevin, Gabrielle91
 Emile and the Dutchman Rosenberg, Joel91
 Engaging the Enemy Moon, Elizabeth91
 Exectutive Anthony, Piers91
 Exile's Valor Lackey, Mercedes91
 Exit Strategy Armstrong, Kelley91
 Exultant Baxter, Stephen91
 Eye of the Serpent Charrette, Robert N.91
 Ender's Game Card, Orson Scott9171
 Elf Queen's Quest Stanek, Robert9157
 Eldest Paolini, Christopher9140
 Enchanters' End Game Eddings, David943
 Elvenblood Norton, Andre & Lackey, Mercedes814
 End of Eternity Asimov, Isaac914
 Enchanter Douglass, Sara912
 Enchantment Card, Orson Scott812
 Enchantress from the Stars Engdahl, Sylvia812
 Exile Salvatore, R.A.911
 Eric Pratchett, Terry810
 Evil Star Horowitz, Anthony910
 Eagle Strike Horowitz, Anthony99
 Elvenborn Norton, Andre & Lackey, Mercedes89
 Elkhound Pierce, Tamora98
 Echoes of the Great Song Gemmell, David87
 Elfshadow Cunningham, Elaine87
 Ethan of Athos Bujold, Lois McMaster87
 Eagle-Sage Coe, David B.86
 Earthborn Card, Orson Scott86
 Excalibur Cornwell, Bernard86
 Exile Lasky, Kathryn86
 Exodus from the Long Sun Wolfe, Gene86
 Enemy of God Cornwell, Bernard85
 Expendable Gardner, James Alan95
 Elantris Sanderson, Brandon94
 Empire From the Ashes Weber, David84
 Encounter with Tiber Barnes, John & Aldrin, Buzz94
 Escape Velocity Stasheff, Christopher84
 Earthfall Card, Orson Scott83
 Eaters of the Dead Crichton, Michael83
 Elfsong Cunningham, Elaine83
 Empire of the Ants Werber, Bernard83
 Eons of the Night Howard, Robert E.93
 Epilogue: Homeward Bound Turtledove, Harry83
 Everville Barker, Clive83
 Everything's Eventual: 14 Dark Tales King, Stephen83
 Exiled from Earth Bova, Ben93
 Expiration Date Powers, Tim93
 Earthrise Dietz, William C.82
 Echoes in Time Norton, Andre & Smith, Sherwood82
 Empire of Unreason Keyes, J. Gregory82
 End of Exile Bova, Ben82
 Elfangor's Journey Applegate, K.A.81
 Elfangor's Secret Applegate, K.A.81
 Empire of Ivory Novik, Naomi81
 Enchantress Ewing, Lynne81
 End as a Hero Laumer, Keith81
 End of an Era Sawyer, Robert J.81
 Enemy of My Enemy: Terra Nova I Drake, David & Ohlander, Ben81
 Enna Burning Hale, Shannon81
 Eternitys End Carver, Jeffrey A.81
 Etruscans Llywelyn, Morgan & Scott, Michael81
 Evermeet: Island of the Elves Cunningham, Elaine81
 Every Which Way But Dead Harrison, Kim81
 Evil is Live Spelled Backwards Offutt, Andrew J81
 Evil Triumphant Stackpole, Michael A.81
 Excalibur: Renaissance David, Peter81
 Excalibur: Requiem David, Peter81
 Exodus Odom, Mel81
 Elric of Melnibone Moorcock, Michael825
 Exit Into Eternity: Tales of the Bizarre and Supernatural Eddy, Jr., C.M.724
 Excession Banks, Iain M.816
 Equal Rites Pratchett, Terry815
 Elf Queen's Quet Stanek, Robert813
 Elminster: The Making of a Mage Greenwood, Ed89
 Endurance Viehl, S. L.89
 Endymion Simmons, Dan79
 Emphyrio Vance, Jack88
 Espedair Street Banks, Iain M.88
 Eyes of Silver Stackpole, Michael A.87
 Escape from the Forest Hunter, Erin76
 Exile's Honor Lackey, Mercedes85
 Earth Brin, David84
 Earthquake Weather Powers, Tim84
 Edge of Victory I: Conquest Keyes, J. Gregory84
 Edge of Victory II : Rebirth Keyes, J. Gregory84
 Eight Days of Luke Jones, Diana Wynne74
 Episode I - The Phantom Menace Brooks, Terry84
 Europa Strike Douglas, Ian84
 Explorer Cherryh, C.J.74
 Eyes of Heisenberg Herbert, Frank74
 Earth-Thunder Tilley, Patrick73
 Emperor and Clown Duncan, Dave73
 Eternity Row Viehl, S. L.73
 Exile's Return Jacoby, Kate73
 Exodus Road Pardoe, Blaine Lee73
 Eye Herbert, Frank73
 E.T. : The Extra-Terrestrial Kotzwinkle, William82
 Earthsong Vol 1 Yates, Crystal72
 Elvangar Tuttle, Richard S.82
 Empress of the Endless Dream Arden, Tom82
 Enchanted Pilgrim Simak, Clifford D.72
 Engine City MacLeod, Ken72
 Eternal Champion Moorcock, Michael82
 Evolution Baxter, Stephen82
 Exiles' Return Greeno, Gayle82
 Eagle Rising Devereux, David71
 Echo Burning Child, Lee71
 Ellena And The Magic Lamp Culpepper, R.B.W.71
 Emerald Sea Ringo, John71
 Entoverse Hogan, James P.71
 Escape on Venus Burroughs, Edgar Rice71
 Eternity Road McDevitt, Jack71
 Eye of Cat Zelazny, Roger77
 Elminster in Hell Greenwood, Ed75
 Elf Defense Friesner, Esther64
 Exiled From Camelot Baldry, Cherith64
 Everlost Shusterman, Neal63
 Excalibur: Restoration David, Peter63
 Empress of Earth Scott, Melissa62
 Enemy Mine Longyear, Barry B. & Gerrold, David62
 Even Angels Fall Mauro, Sherry A.62
 Every Dog Has His Day Balban, Bob62
 Echoes of Flame WYLIE, JONATHAN61
 Elsewhens Rawn, Melanie61
 End Game David, Peter61
 Enterprise: The First Adventure McIntyre, Vonda N.61
 Every Inch a King Turtledove, Harry61
 Echoes of the Fourth Magic Salvatore, R.A.67
 East Coast Crisis Weinstein, Howard & Crispin, A.C.64
 Ed's Bed Colfer, Eoin62
 Elysi Lumley, Brian62
 Encounter at Farpoint Gerrold, David51
 Enemy Unseen Mitchell, V.E.51
 Everwind Shusterman, Neal51
 Eye and Talon Jeter, K. W.51
 Earthlight Clarke, Arthur C.43
 Exiles Of The Rynth Douglas, Carole Nelson41
 Expanded Universe Heinlein, Robert A.41

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