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390 "b" books to be listed.

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Books with Titles Starting with B
TitleAuthor (Surname,Forename)RatingVotes
 Bonechiller McNamee, Graham103
 Beldan's Fire Snyder, Midori102
 boomerang bob dale, jenny102
 Boy Meets Girl Cabot, Meg102
 Broken Sky Part Three Wooding, Chris & Kyte, Steve102
 Burned Cast, P. C. & Cast, Kristen102
 Back to the Stone Age Burroughs, Edgar Rice101
 Bad-Ass Faeries Ackley-McPhail, Danielle101
 Barrenlands Durgin, Doranna101
 Barry Trotter and the Unauthorized Parody Gerber, Michael101
 Barry Trotter and the Unnecessary Sequel Gerber, Michael101
 Battle Circle Anthony, Piers101
 Battlespace Douglas, Ian101
 Beastmaster's Circus Norton, Andre & McConchie, Lynn101
 Behold the Eye: Viridia Tabares, Veronica101
 Belt Three Ayliff, John101
 Beneath a Rising Moon Arthur, Keri101
 Beneath an Opal Moon Van Lustbader, Eric101
 beware Stine, R. L.101
 Beyond Ford, Jeffrey101
 Beyond Ragnarok Reichert, Mickey Zucker101
 Beyond the Pale Koke, Jak101
 big ben dale, jenny101
 Binding Force Coleman, Loren L.101
 Birdwing Martin, Rafe101
 Birth of Wolf and Horse Westbrook, Erin101
 Bite Me If You Can Sands, Lynsay101
 Black Creek Crossing Saul, John101
 Black Powder War Novik, Naomi101
 Black Steel Perry, Steve101
 Black Trump Martin, George R.R.101
 Blackout Thurman, Rob101
 Blades of the Tiger Pierson, Chris101
 Blind Lake Wilson, Robert Charles101
 Blood and Chocolate Klaus, Annette101
 Blood Angels: Deus Encarmine Swallow, James101
 Blood Angels: Deus Sanguinius Swallow, James101
 Blood Bound Briggs, Patricia101
 Blood Enemy Cox, Greg101
 Blood Engines Pratt, T. A.101
 Blood Legacy: The House of Alexander Hawkins, Kerri101
 Blood Legacy: The Story of Ryan Hawkins, Kerri101
 Blood Trail Springer, Nancy101
 Bloodcircle Elrod, P. N.101
 Bloodlist Elrod, P. N.101
 Bloodsucking Fiends Moore, Christopher101
 Bloody Jack Meyer, L.A.101
 Blue Kansas Sky Bishop, Michael101
 Bolo Laumer, Keith101
 Bones of the Earth Swanwick, Michael101
 Bones of the Moon Carroll, Jonathan101
 Born In Fire Straczynski, J. Michael101
 Bortag's Curse Cladingboel, Neil Charles101
 Both Sides of Time Cooney, Caroline B.101
 Branchwater Maus, Steven101
 Breaking the Circle Brox, Kevin101
 Brian's Return Paulsen, Gary101
 Bride of the Rat God Hambly, Barbara101
 Bridge to Terabithia paterson, katherine101
 Broken Sky Part Five Wooding, Chris & Kyte, Steve101
 Broken Sky Part Four Wooding, Chris & Kyte, Steve101
 Broken Sky Part Six Wooding, Chris & Kyte, Steve101
 Broken Sky Part Two Wooding, Chris & Kyte, Steve101
 Broken Time Thomas, Maggy101
 Brother Odd Koontz, Dean101
 Burn Ransom, Bill101
 Burn the Bridge Taylor, Jeff101
 But... what if it doesn't rain? Moses, Michele101
 By Her Hand, She Draws You Down Smith, Douglas101
 Breaking Dawn Meyer, Stephenie984
 Bard's Oath Bertin, Joanne946
 Briar's Book (Healing in the Vine) Pierce, Tamora943
 Bitten Armstrong, Kelley928
 Blue Moon Rising Green, Simon R.916
 Barrayar Bujold, Lois McMaster915
 Borders of Infinity Bujold, Lois McMaster911
 Bloody Bones Hamilton, Laurell K.910
 Birth of the Firebringer Pierce, Meredith Ann99
 Bone Dolls Twin Flewelling, Lynn99
 Burning Chrome Gibson, William99
 Beyond the Pale Anthony, Mark98
 Bard IV: Raven's Gathering Taylor, Keith97
 Bitter Gold Hearts Cook, Glen97
 Blood and Chocolate Klause, Annette Curtis97
 Barbarian Ewing, Lynne96
 Biting the Sun Lee, Tanith96
 Bec Shan, Darren95
 Broken Sky Part One Wooding, Chris & Kyte, Steve105
 Brothers in Arms Weis, Margaret & Perrin, Don95
 Baldurs Gate II: Shadows of Amn Athans, Philip94
 Between Darkness and Light Norman, Lisanne94
 Beyond the Blue Event Horizon Pohl, Frederik94
 Beyond the Deepwoods Stewart, Paul & Riddell, Chris94
 Black Heart Van Lustbader, Eric94
 Black Wind Wilson, F. Paul94
 Blood Canticle Rice, Anne94
 Bloodhype Foster, Alan Dean94
 Bard V: Felimid's Homecoming Taylor, Keith93
 Before and After Thomas, Matthew93
 Betnoni's Prophecy Merz, Elizabeth93
 Bill, the Galactic Hero on the Planet of Ten Thousand Bars Harrison, Harry & Bischoff, David93
 Bloodmoon Huntington, Geoffrey93
 Bogus to Bubbly: An Insider's Guide to the World of Uglies Westerfeld, Scott93
 BROKEN Chimera, Hertzan93
 Before the Dawn Collins, Max Allan92
 best of friends dale, jenny102
 Big Planet Vance, Jack92
 Billy the Kid Morphurgo, Micheal102
 Billy Thunder and the Night Gate Carmody, Isobelle92
 Blade Dancer Viehl, S. L.92
 Blood Follows Erikson, Steven92
 Bluebeard Vonnegut, Kurt92
 Burning Bright Dowd, Tom92
 By Honor Betray'D Doyle, Debra & Macdonald, James D.92
 Babylon Sisters and Other Posthumans Paul, Di Filippo91
 Balshazzar's Serpent Chalker, Jack L.91
 Beach Road Patterson, James & De Jonge, Peter91
 Because of Winn-Dixie Dicamillo, Kate91
 Beloved Enemy Van Lustbader, Eric91
 Betrayal Allston, Aaron91
 Between Planets Heinlein, Robert A.91
 Beyond Heavens River Bear, Greg91
 Bill, the Galactic Hero Harrison, Harry91
 Bill, the Galactic Hero on the Planet of Robot Slaves Harrison, Harry91
 Bill, the Galactic Hero on the Planet of Tasteless Pleasure Harrison, Harry & Bischoff, David91
 Bill, the Galactic Hero on the Planet of the Zombie Vampires Harrison, Harry & Haldeman II, Jack C.91
 Birds of Prey Drake, David91
 Bite Hamilton, Laurell K. & Harris, Charlaine91
 Black Beauty Sewell, Anna91
 Blood Noir Hamilton, Laurell K.91
 Blood of Elves Sapkowski, Andrzej91
 Bloodlines Traviss, Karen91
 Bloodring Hunter, Faith91
 Blue Remembered Earth Reynolds, Alastair91
 Blueheart Sinclair, Alison91
 Bones of the Past Lisle, Holly91
 Book of a Thousand Days Hale, Shannon91
 Book of the Dead Mcconnell, Ashley91
 Bounty on Bonadan Windham, Ryder91
 Bring the Jubilee Moore, Ward91
 Brother Death Perry, Steve91
 Brothers in Arms Weaver, Ben91
 Burning Bones Golden, Christopher91
 By Schism Rent Asunder Weber, David91
 Belgarath the Sorcerer Eddings, David & Eddings, Leigh941
 Bridge of Birds Hughart, Barry937
 Black Sun Rising Friedman, C. S.921
 Blue is for Nightmares Stolarz, Laurie Faria913
 Brothers in Arms Bujold, Lois McMaster913
 Black Water MacHale, D.J.912
 Blue Moon Hamilton, Laurell K.912
 Beyond the Valley of Thorns Carman, Patrick811
 Blade of Tyshalle Stover, Matthew Woodring911
 Brotherhood of the Wolf Farland, David911
 Burnt Offerings Hamilton, Laurell K.911
 Bloodstone Wagner, Karl Edward910
 Brilliance of the Moon Hearn, Lian810
 Beauty : A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast McKinley, Robin99
 Beyond Varallan Viehl, S. L.89
 Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming Zelazny, Roger & Sheckley, Robert89
 Burndive Lowachee, Karin89
 Bleak Seasons Cook, Glen98
 Bloodhound Pierce, Tamora88
 By the Sword Lackey, Mercedes88
 Bard III: The Wild Sea Taylor, Keith97
 Bearing an Hourglass Anthony, Piers87
 Betrayed Cast, P. C.87
 Beyond the Blue Moon Green, Simon R.87
 Beyond the Summerland Graham, L.B.97
 Blue Adept Anthony, Piers87
 Bodyguard of Lightning Nicholls, Stan97
 Back to the Divide Kay, Elizabeth86
 Beauty Tepper, Sheri S.86
 Bellwether Willis, Connie86
 Blood and Honour Green, Simon R.86
 Blood Brothers Lumley, Brian86
 Blood Wars Lumley, Brian86
 Bloodstone Gemmell, David86
 Brian's Hunt Paulsen, Gary86
 Baldurs Gate II: Throne of Bhall Karpyshyn, Drew85
 Beggar's Banquet Hood, Daniel95
 Beholder's Eye Czerneda, Julie95
 Black House King, Stephen & Straub, Peter85
 Blue Mars Robinson, Kim Stanley85
 Breakfast of Champions Vonnegut, Kurt95
 Bridge of Souls McIntosh, Fiona95
 Balance Point Tyers, Kathleen M.84
 Bard Taylor, Keith94
 Bard II Taylor, Keith94
 Beastslayer King, William94
 Black Chalice Jakober, Marie84
 Blood Promise Mead, Richelle84
 Blood Trillium Bradley, Marion Zimmer & Norton, Andre94
 Book of Enchantments Wrede, Patricia C.84
 Book of Shadows Nicholls, Stan84
 Brightness Reef Brin, David84
 Brokedown Palace Brust, Steven84
 By Heresies Distressed Weber, David84
 Bane of the Black Sword Moorcock, Michael93
 Belarus Hogan, Lee93
 Beneath the Tree of Heaven Wingrove, David83
 Beneath the Vaulted Hills Russell, Sean83
 Bill, the Galactic Hero: The Final Incoherent Adventure Harrison, Harry & Harris, David83
 Blackwood Farm Rice, Anne83
 Blood Rites Butcher, Jim93
 Bonds of Vengeance Coe, David B.93
 Brass Man Asher, Neal L.83
 Brittle Innings Bishop, Michael83
 Brothers Majere Stein, Kevin83
 badger in the basement baglio, ben82
 Banewreaker Carey, Jacqueline82
 Bard : The Odyssey of the Irish Llywelyn, Morgan82
 Beast Napoli, Donna Jo82
 Best Destiny Carey, Diane82
 Beware of dog Balban, Bob82
 Beyond the Moons Cook, David82
 Bill, the Galactic Hero on the Planet of Bottled Brains Harrison, Harry & Sheckley, Robert82
 Black Blade Van Lustbader, Eric82
 Black Light Hand, Elizabeth82
 Blood Lines Huff, Tanya82
 Blood Memories Hendee, Barb82
 Blood of Mystery Anthony, Mark82
 Bridge of Rama Banker, Ashok K.82
 Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls Lindskold, Jane82
 bunnies in the bathroom baglio, ben82
 Burned Hopkins, Ellen82
 Back to the Future Gipe, George81
 Bag of Bones King, Stephen81
 Battlestar Galactica Larson, Glen A. & Thurston, Robert81
 Beautiful Death Koontz, Dean81
 Becoming Alien (Ben Bova Presents) Ore, Rebecca81
 Becoming Human Freireich, Valerie J.81
 Being Alien (Ben Bova Presents) Ore, Rebecca81
 Being Human David, Peter81
 Bella at Midnight Stanley, Diane81
 Belladonna Bishop, Anne81
 Below the Root Snyder, Zilpha Keatley81
 Betrayal Tilton, Lois81
 Beyond Freedom Ware, Paul81
 Beyond the Shadows Weeks, Brent81
 Bios Wilson, Robert Charles81
 Black Gods and Scarlet Dreams Moore, C.L.81
 Black is for Beginnings Stolarz, Laurie Faria81
 Blaze: A Novel King, Stephen81
 Blood and Honor Green, Simon R.81
 Blood Debt Huff, Tanya81
 Blood Pact Huff, Tanya81
 Blood Price Huff, Tanya81
 Blood River Tilley, Patrick81
 Blood Trail Huff, Tanya81
 Bloodrights Wood, N. Lee81
 Bloodthirst Dillard, J.M.81
 BOLO! Weber, David81
 Border Princes Abnett, Dan81
 Boston Jane Series: An Adventure L. Holm, Jennifer81
 Boston Jane: Wilderness Days L. Holm, Jennifer81
 Breakaway: A Cassandra Kresnov Novel Shepherd, Joel81
 Bred for War Stackpole, Michael A.81
 Bride of the Fat White Vampire Fox, Andrew81
 Bridge of Ashes Zelazny, Roger81
 Broken Armstrong, Kelley81
 Bruises Duane, Diane81
 Butterfly and Hellflower Edghill, Rosemary & Shahar, Eluki Bes81
 By Chaos Cursed Reichert, Mickey Zucker81
 Blood of the Fold Goodkind, Terry832
 Broken Angels Morgan, Richard717
 Brisingr Paolini, Christopher816
 Battleaxe Douglass, Sara814
 Brightly Burning Lackey, Mercedes813
 Barry Trotter and the Shameless Parody Gerber, Michael812
 Blood and Gold Rice, Anne811
 Black Unicorn Brooks, Terry89
 Being a Green Mother Anthony, Piers78
 Bedlam's Bard Lackey, Mercedes & Guon, Ellen77
 Black Swan Lackey, Mercedes87
 Blood Music Bear, Greg77
 Blood of Amber Zelazny, Roger76
 Brave New World Huxley, Aldous76
 Brian's Winter Paulsen, Gary85
 Byzantium Lawhead, Stephen85
 Behind the Walls of Terra Farmer, Philip Jose84
 Blue Noon Westerfeld, Scott74
 Bored of the Rings Lampoon, The Harvard84
 Burden of Proof Hemry, John G.84
 Beggars in Spain Kress, Nancy73
 Beluthahatchie and Other Stories Duncan, Andy73
 Beyond the Hanging Wall Douglass, Sara83
 Black - The Circle Trilogy Dekker, Ted83
 Black Jewels Omnibus Bishop, Anne73
 Blood and Memory McIntosh, Fiona73
 Brimstone Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln73
 Burning for Revenge Marsden, John73
 Bazil Broketail Rowley, Christopher82
 Beginning Operations White, James72
 Bikini Planet Garnett, David82
 Blood Lotto Caldwell, Greg72
 Blooded Golden, Christopher & Holder, Nancy82
 Bloodtide Burgess, Melvin82
 Breakthroughs Turtledove, Harry82
 Bright Messengers Lee, Gentry72
 Bad Luck and Trouble Child, Lee71
 Beasts Crowley, John71
 Beauty Pop, Vol. 1 Kiyoko, Arai71
 Benny and Babe Colfer, Eoin71
 Best Served Cold Abercrombie, Joe71
 Beyond the Farthest Star Burroughs, Edgar Rice71
 Bio-strike Preisler, Jerome71
 Blackcollar 2: The Judas Solution Zahn, Timothy71
 Blood and Honor Davis, Greame71
 Blood of Heroes Keith, Andrew71
 Blood Risk Koontz, Dean71
 Blood Secrets Holmes, Jeannie71
 Born to Exile Eisenstein, Phyllis71
 Breath Napoli, Donna Jo71
 Bridgehead Drake, David71
 Brightness Falls from the Air Tiptree, James71
 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Steele, Addison E.71
 Buckskin Brigades Hubbard, L. Ron71
 Battlefield Earth Hubbard, L. Ron613
 Blood Legacy Stackpole, Michael A.69
 Burning Water Lackey, Mercedes65
 Beyond Lies the Wub Dick, Philip K.64
 Bilbo's Last Song Tolkien, J.R.R.64
 Black Wizards Niles, Douglas64
 Born to Run : A Novel of the Serrated Edge Lackey, Mercedes & Dixon, Larry64
 Basilisk Browne, N.M.63
 Batman Begins O'Neal, Dennis73
 Before They Are Hanged Abercrombie, Joe73
 Beyond World's End Lackey, Mercedes & Edghill, Rosemary63
 Bolo Strike Keith, Jr., William H.73
 Brian Lumley's Mythos Omnibus Lumley, Brian63
 Burrowers Beneath Lumley, Brian73
 Black Unicorn Lee, Tanith62
 Bloodname Thurston, Robert62
 Brighten to Incandescence Bishop, Michael62
 Brothers of Earth Cherryh, C.J.62
 Buried Fire Stroud, Jonathan62
 Barsoom Project Niven, Larry61
 Beauty Pop 2 Kiyoko, Arai61
 Before The Dawn Bell, Eric Temple61
 Before the Storm Kub-McDowell, Michael61
 Beyond This Horizon Heinlein, Robert A.61
 Blood of the Isle Coleman, Loren L.61
 Boy in Darkness Peake, Mervyn61
 Brief Cases Butcher, Jim61
 Building a Mystery Gilmore, H.B. & Reisfeld, Randi61
 By Dust Consumed Bassingthwaite, Don61
 Back to Before Applegate, K.A.613
 Boggart and Fen Kilworth, Garry611
 Beware of Greks bearing Gifts Leinster, Murray610
 Black Horses for the King McCaffrey, Anne65
 Black Trillium May, Julian65
 Battlefront: Twilight Company Freed, Alexander64
 Baldurs Gate Athans, Philip62
 Before Dishonor David, Peter62
 Betrayal McIntosh, Fiona62
 Brian Lumley's Mythos Omnibus Volume Two Lumley, Brian62
 Batman Forever David, Peter51
 Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls Brown, Steve & Herbert, Mary H.51
 Black Eagle Rising Jacoby, Kate51
 Blood Ties Asprin, Robert & Abbey, Lynn51
 Blood Trillium May, Julian51
 Bluebound Reeves-Stevens, Garfield & Reeves-Stevens, Judith51
 Bone Crossed Briggs, Patricia51
 Bookweirder Glennon, Paul51
 Benny and Omar Colfer, Eoin48
 Beethoven's 2nd Tine, Robert44
 Bauchelain and Korbal Broach Erikson, Steven41
 Beverly Hills Cop II Tine, Robert41
 Bloodstone Holzner, Nancy41
 Bold as Love Jones, Gwyneth41
 breakdown applegate, k.a.41
 Broken Wings Andrews, Virginia Cleo41
 Burn, Witch, Burn! Merritt, Abraham41
 Blindsight Watts, Peter32
 Boy: Tales of Childhood Dahl, Roald32
 Bagombo Snuff Box: Uncollected Short Fiction Vonnegut, Kurt31
 Battle Cry McKinney, Jack31
 Beggars and Choosers Kress, Nancy31
 Beggars Ride Kress, Nancy31
 Blood of the Demon Rowland, Diana31
 Book of Shadows Tiernman, Cate31
 Bad Moon Rising: A Dark-Hunter Novel Kenyon, Sherrilyn21
 Battle for the Abyss Counter, Ben21
 Better Angels Hendrix, Howard V.21
 Bonds of Resolve DuBoff, Amy21
 Battlestar Galactica Hatch, Richard & Timmons, Stan11
 Black Genesis Hubbard, L. Ron11
 blake suits from outerspace DeWeese, Gene11
 Bone Gnawers & Stargazers Achilli, Justin11

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