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Graduated from Purdue University in 1972. During the late 70's she worked as an artist's model and then went into the computer programming field, ending up with American Airlines in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In addition to her fantasy writing, she has written lyrics for and recorded nearly fifty songs for Off-Centaur, a small recording company specializing in science fiction folk music! She IS AWESOME!!!

Married to artist Larry Dixon.

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Books (Sort by Title)[96 books listed]
 Charmed Destinies with Catherine Asaron/a2003n/a
 Fiddler Fairn/a1998n/a
 Intrigues: A Novel of Valdemar22010n/a
 Knights Gambitn/a200210/10
 Music To My Sorrow62005n/a
 Sword of Ice And Other Tales Of Valdemarn/a1997n/a
 The Phoenix Unchained12007n/a
 The Snow Queen42008n/a
 The Swordn/a2002n/a
 The Wizard of Karres with Eric Flintn/a2006n/a
 This Scepter'd Isle with Roberta Gellisn/a200410/10
 When the Bough Breaks with Holly Lisle3199310/10
 Chrome Circle with Larry Dixon419949/10
 Elvenbred with Andre Norton4n/a10/10
 Exile's Valorn/a20039/10
 Fire Rosen/a20019/10
 Fortune's Fool320079/10
 Magic's Pawn119899/10
 One Good Knight220068/10
 Sun In Glory220038/10
 The Elvenbane with Andre Norton119939/10
 To Catch a Thiefn/a20039/10
 To Light A Candle with James Mallory220049/10
 Arrow's Fall319888/10
 Arrow's Flight219878/10
 Arrows of the Queen119878/10
 Black Swann/a20018/10
 By the Swordn/a19918/10
 Elvenblood with Andre Norton220008/10
 Elvenborn with Andre Norton320028/10
 Exile's Honorn/a20028/10
 Knight of Ghosts and Shadows with Ellen Guon119908/10
 Mad Maudlin with Rose Edghill520037/10
 Magic's Price319908/10
 Owlknight with Larry Dixon319998/10
 Sacred Groundn/a19627/10
 Storm Rising219958/10
 Storm Warning119948/10
 Summoned to Tourney with Ellen Guon219927/10
 Take a Thief: A Novel of Valdemarn/a20018/10
 The Black Gryphon with Larry Dixon119948/10
 The Fairy Godmother120048/10
 The Fire Rose119968/10
 The Oathbound119888/10
 The Outstretched Shadow with James Mallory120039/10
 The Serpent's Shadow220018/10
 The Shadow of the Lionn/a20026/10
 The Ship who Searched with Anne McCaffrey319928/10
 This Rough Magic with Eric Flintn/a20037/10
 Wheels of Fire with Mark Shepherd219947/10
 When Darkness Falls320068/10
 Winds of Change219948/10
 Bedlam's Bard with Ellen Guonn/a19987/10
 Beyond World's End with Rosemary Edghill320016/10
 Born to Run : A Novel of the Serrated Edge with Larry Dixon119926/10
 Brightly Burningn/a20008/10
 Burning Water119896/10
 Fortress of Frost and Fire with Ru Emerson219936/10
 Four and Twenty Blackbirds420026/10
 If I Pay Thee Not In Gold with Piers Anthonyn/a19936/10
 Jinx High319917/10
 Magic's Promise219908/10
 Owlflight with Larry Dixon119977/10
 Owlsight with Larry Dixon219987/10
 Phoenix and Ashes420046/10
 Prison of Souls with Mark Shepherd319936/10
 Reserved for the Cat620077/10
 Spirits White as Lightning with Rosemary Edghill420017/10
 Storm Breaking319968/10
 The Eagle and the Nightingales319956/10
 The Lark and the Wren119927/10
 The Pheonix Endangered with Mallory James220085/10
 The Robin and the Kestrel219937/10
 The White Gryphon with Larry Dixon219957/10
 The Wizard Of London520055/10
 Winds of Fate119918/10
 Winds of Fury319937/10
 Winter Moon with Tanith Lee120055/10
 A Cast of Corbies with Josepha Shermann/a19946/10
 Castle of Deception with Josepha Sherman119925/10
 Children of the Night219946/10
 Freedom Flight with Ellen Guon119922/10
 The Gates of Sleep320025/10
 The Rivers Giftn/a19994/10
 The Silver Gryphon with Larry Dixon319966/10
 The Free Bardsn/a19974/10
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