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Though Lyda was born in Sacramento, she only spent the first six months of her life under the California sun. Her parents moved back to her father's hometown of LaCrosse, WI. Though mostly known as being the home of the world's largest six-pack, LaCrosse has an active local theater community where loud-mouthed Lyda found a home. She moved to Minneapolis/St. Paul for college, and fell in love with The Cities. Lyda started writing professionally in 1997, and got her first story published in "Dreams of Decadence" in 1998. She's made Gardner Dozois' Year's Best honorable mentions for her stories "Everything in Its Place" and "12 Traditions" (in Tales of the Unanticipated and SF Age respectively.) When not writing, she's at her day job at the Minnesota Historical Society, teaching cartooning through Eden Prairie Community Education, or puttering in her herb garden.

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 Archangel Protocol120019/10
 Fallen Host220026/10
 Messiah Node320038/10
 Apocalypse Array420048/10
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