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Jack Whyte is a Scots-born, award-winning Canadian author whose poem The Faceless One was featured at the 1991 New York Film Festival. The Camulod Chronicles is his greatest work, a stunning retelling of one of our greatest legends - the making of King Arthur's Britain.

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 Camulod Chronicles VolumeYearRating
 The Skystone119988/10
 The Singing Sword2199810/10
 The Eagle's Brood319989/10
 The Saxon Shore419988/10
 The Fort at Rivers Bend520007/10
 The Sorcerer: Metamorphosis620018/10
 The Lance Thrower82005n/a
 The Eagle92007n/a

 Templar VolumeYearRating
 Knights of the Black and Whiten/a200710/10
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