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A native of Oregon, Diana Marcellas currently lives in the White Mountains in northeastern Arizona, where she combines writing fantasy with her dayjob as an attorney. After eight years as regional manager of Legal Aid on the White Mountain Apache Reservation, she recently reentered private practice with another local attorney. She also teaches history and legal advocacy part-time at the reservation campus of Northland Pioneer College.
Diana has been writing science fiction and fantasy for over twenty years, and previously published eight SF books (under other names). She is currently writing for Tor a fantasy series about Brierley Mefell, one of the last survivors of an ancient witch people, the shari'a. The third book in the series is due to be published in August 2004.

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 Mother Ocean, Daughter Sean/a200110/10
 The Sea Lark's Songn/a20038/10

 The Witch of Two Suns VolumeYearRating
 Twilight Rising, Serpent's Dream3200410/10
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