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Andre Norton has enthralled generations of readers with her work, beginnning with her first novel in 1952. She has received the Grand Master award from the Science Fiction Writers of America and the Lifetime Achievement Award of the World Fantasy Convention.

She died on the 17th Mach 2005, in her home in Tennessee.

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Books (Sort by Title)[58 books listed]
 Beast Master's Ark with Lyn McConchien/a2003n/a
 Beast Master's Planetn/a2010n/a
 Beast Master's Quest with Lyn McConchien/a2007n/a
 Beastmaster's Circus with Lynn McConchien/a200410/10
 Dark Companionn/a2005n/a
 Darkness and Dawnn/a2004n/a
 Flight of Vengeance21994n/a
 Gods and Androidsn/a2004n/a
 Golden Trillium with Marion Zimmer Bradley31993n/a
 Gryphon in Gloryn/an/an/a
 Huon of the Hornn/a1980n/a
 Leopard in Exile with Rosemary Edghill22001n/a
 Lore of the Witch Worldn/a1980n/a
 Masks of the Outcastsn/a2005n/a
 Mirror of Destinyn/an/an/a
 Plage Ship21956n/a
 Sorceress of the Witch World3n/an/a
 Star Guardn/a195510/10
 Star Soldiersn/a200110/10
 The Beast Mastern/a1959n/a
 The Defiant Agents/Key Out of Time-12001n/a
 The Jargoon Pardn/a1974n/a
 The Last Planetn/a195310/10
 The Magestone with Mary H. Schaubn/an/an/a
 The Shadow of Albion with Rosemary Edghill11999n/a
 The Warding of Witch Worldn/an/an/a
 Three Against the Witch World1n/an/a
 Three Hands for Scorpion/a2005n/a
 Trey of Swords71977n/a
 Voodoo Planet3195910/10
 'Ware Hawkn/a1983n/a
 Year of the Unicornn/an/an/a
 Blood Trillium with Marion Zimmer Bradley219929/10
 Echoes in Time with Sherwood Smithn/a20008/10
 Elvenbred with Mercedes Lackey4n/a10/10
 Sargasso of Space119559/10
 Scent of Magicn/a19989/10
 The Elvenbane with Mercedes Lackey119939/10
 The Key of the Keplian with Lyn McConchien/an/a9/10
 Web of the Witch World219648/10
 Witch World119638/10
 Ciara's Song with Lyn McConchien/an/a8/10
 Elvenblood with Mercedes Lackey220008/10
 Elvenborn with Mercedes Lackey320028/10
 Flight in Yiktor319867/10
 Garan the Eternaln/a19738/10
 Songsmith with A.C. Crispinn/a19938/10
 The Crystal Gryphonn/a19967/10
 The Time Traders119588/10
 To the King a Daughter with Sasha Miller120008/10
 Galactic Derelict220006/10
 Knight or Knave with Sasha Miller220015/10
 Warlock of the Witch World219674/10
 Zarsthor's banen/a19782/10
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