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He has worked as a librarian, an administrator in education, and is currently Director of Resources in a large secondary college in the town of Bideford, North Devon. His first book, The Dream Lords, a trilogy, Zebra Books (NY), published in the early 70s.

After The Dream Lords, he began writing various ghost, horror, and fantasy tales, which he sold to various anthologies and magazines, and he had 4 novels published in England by Robert Hale. One of these, Madness Emerging, had a distinctly Lovecraftian flavour, set as it was in a small Cornish village (based on one in which he had lived for 5 years) overrun by an alien force not unlike something unspeakable from the darker realms of the Mythos (the alien force, not the village). He then had two "young adults" fantasy novels published in England, Moorstones and The Sleep of Giants, the first set on Dartmoor, the second in the South West. A number of fantasy series followed, including The Omaran Saga and Star Requiem, as well as the novelizations of his stories about the Voidal, a bizarre S&S character and his elemental sidekick, Elfloq the Familiar (first volume, Oblivion Hand). He has edited a collection of Lin Carter's short stories, called Young Thongor.

He has had short stories published in the Year's Best Fantasy series (DAW Books, US) and Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, and he was once nominated for the former Balrog Award. Night of the Heroes, a full-blooded crossover, from Wildside.

He lives with his wife Judy, son Sam, and daughter Katia in an old blacksmith's forge in the heart of Solomon Kane country.

He is also a devout fan of his hometown football (soccer) club, Plymouth Argyle.

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 Eberron: The War-Torn VolumeYearRating
 The Crimson Talisman12005n/a

 The Omaran Saga VolumeYearRating
 A Place Among the Fallen1n/a9/10
 Throne of Fools2n/a7/10
 The King of Light and Shadows3n/an/a
 The Gods in Anger4n/an/a
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