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Robert M. Price has edited Crypt of Cthulhu for a dozen years. His essays on Lovecraft have appeared in Lovecraft Studies, The Lovecrafter, Cerebretron, Dagon, Etude Lovecraftienne, Mater Tenebrare, and in An Epicure in the Terrible and Twentieth Century Literary Criricism. His horror fiction has appeared in Nyctalops, Eldritch Tales, Etchings & Odysseys, Grue, Footsteps, Deathrealm, Weirdbook, Fantasy Book, Vollmond, and elsewhere. He has edited Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos for Fedogan and Bremer, as well as The Horror of It all and Black Forbidden Things for Starmont House. His books include H. P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos (Borgo Press) and Lin Carter: A Look Behind His Imaginary Worlds (Starmont). By day he is a theologian, New Testament scholar, editor of The Journal of Higher Criticism, director of The Religious Transition Project, and Pastor of First Baptist Church of Montclair.

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