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John Peel was born in Nottingham, England, home of Robin Hood, in 1954. He moved to Long Island, New York, in 1981 to marry his penpal, Nan. They currently live on Long Island in a household with increasing numbers of dogs. So far, they have: Dashiell, a wire-haired Fox Terrier; Shadow, a German Pinscher; and the Miniature Pinschers: Loki, Bartleby, Princess, Reggie, Teivel and Ragnarok. Their orange tabby cat is Amika, and she mostly ignores the dogs.

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 The Secret of Dragonhomen/a19989/10

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 Here There Be Dragons28n/an/a
 The Death of Princes44n/a7/10

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 The Fight For Justicen/a1998n/a
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