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With the release of two books in two years and a third on the way, Joanne Bertin has entered the science fiction/fantasy writing field in a big way. Her short story "Dragonlord's Justice" was submitted for an anthology of dragon stories and accepted. "Dragonlord’s Justice" was actually a forerunner to her first novel, The Last Dragonlord. By Bertin’s own admission, she has been writing stories set in the Dragonlord universe for over twenty years now, since her high school days. The world of the Dragonlords evolved from an art class picture whose characters stayed in her imagination and insisted their stories be told.

In addition to her writing, Bertin also holds a day job. She lives in Connecticut with her significant other, Sam, and an ever-changing number of ferrets fondly known as the Weasel Patrol. She is currently building a Celtic harp (from a kit) as a means of researching material for her upcoming novel, Bard’s Oath.

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 Dragonlord VolumeYearRating
 The Last Dragonlord119989/10
 Dragon and Phoenix219999/10
 Bard's Oath3200?9/10
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