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Jeff VanderMeer spent much of his childhood in the Fiji Islands, where his parents worked for the Peace Corps. This experience, and the resulting trip back to the United States through Asia, Africa, and Europe, deeply influenced him. Although VanderMeer has pursued careers in editing and publishing, he is primarily a fiction writer. His work has appeared in ten languages in 16 countries, including in publications such as Asimov's SF Magazine, Amazing Stories, Weird Tales, Interzone, Pulphouse, Ikarie B (Czech Republic), The Silver Web, The Third Alternative, Magic Realism and anthologies such as Nebula Awards 30, Best New Horror 7, The Year's Best Fantastical Fiction, Dark Voices 5, Dark Terrors, Fantasy, The White of the Moon, The Year's Best Dark Fantasy 2001, and Palace Corbie. Honors include winning the 1994 Rhysling Award, Fear Magazine's Best Short Story Award, the 2000 World Fantasy Award for best novella, and a $5,000 Florida Individual Artist Fellowship for excellence in fiction. VanderMeer has also been a finalist for the ReaderCon Best Short Work Award and the Theodore Sturgeon Award.

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