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The world was blessed with the appearance of Jamie Marriott in Aldershot at 12.01am on April fool day 1957, and I still live in the same town. I managed to get through school without too much difficulty, though didn’t managed to get any formal qualifications; never was one for exams.
My adult working life was spent within the plastics industry where I worked for 21 years as a production manager for the same company. After being made redundant I joined a couple of companies along the same lines but never felt at home. It was at this time it was decided I should become a househusband. Looking after the three kids wasn’t that bad; they were all teenagers anyway, and this gave me the time I needed to concentrate on my writing.
I first became interested in the Science Fiction genre through watching early Doctor Who, and the original Star Trek series. The best thing to happen to Sci-Fi in my opinion was Star Wars.
Since then I have expanded my repertoire into other genres such as Fantasy, Short Stories, Action/Adventure, and Erotica.
I had my first novel, a space sci-fi/war adventure published in 2006, which is available on Amazon.

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